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"Back together, I see," Reibe said pleasantly. "What can I do for you?"

Andra sat down at the table with Strider and Reibe. "Tepe said he has more to offer our Team than you do."

Reibe laughed. "Did he at that? Fascinating."

"Do you disagree?" Dannar asked.

"As it happens," Reibe replied, "I do not. About the best thing I can offer you is data entry and retrieval. I think you should take him up on his offer... just do me one favor, Jena."

Jena stepped forward. "Yes?" she said.

"Jena, I've spent the last forty years, training you intermittently. You have a firm grasp on your power, but Tepe has a way of twisting your perception of your skill level. Don't let him intimidate you. You're doing just fine. Come back to me for further training sessions, if you like, or train with him and his. It matters little; all are good training options. But always, always keep in mind the one most important lesson I've taught you constantly."

"The Force is about balance," Jena said. "You cannot be fully Jedi or fully Sith and have a full understanding of the power of the Force."

Reibe grinned. "That's right. Now, off you all go. Tell Tepe, you've accepted his offer. And if you really want to blow his mind, tell him you have my blessing."

The Team headed back to Tepe's table and arranged themselves in the seats around it, with Andra sitting directly across from Tepe himself. "We've thought it over, discussed it... talked to Reibe." She grinned, watching for his reaction. "And with Reibe's blessing already given, we're here to let you know, individually."

She stood. "I'm in."

Dannar mimicked the gesture. "I'm in."

Jena giggled slightly, taking her feet as well. "I'm in."

Kos grinned and stood. "I'm in."

Ruya and Grayson stood in unison, but said separately. "I'm in."

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Reibe laughed softly at the spectacle going on across the cantina. "Well, it was fun working with them," she said. "But Tepe can offer them more than I can. And I wish them all the best with him. As I said though, the best I can offer them is data entry and retrieval. Only Jena would be a genuine asset to training the next generation of Hunters. The rest could essentially run the HIN, but I'm not ready to give that up just yet."

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