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Originally Posted by Boba Rhett View Post
*scanning post for any possible relevancy*
You're kidding. You used an analogy about how you only wanted your toaster to toast, in favor of the console argument. But the thing is, usually people are more inclined to want the all-in-one product that has multiple facets. Take the iPhone - most people already had a phone, and had internet, and had a camera, and an iPod (etc.) but when Apple slapped them together, people lined up for hours upon hours in order to get one. Even at the ridiculously high price. That's why I'd rather have my computer for gaming. It's so much more useful.

The relevancy is that my post was a direct counterargument

Originally Posted by Sivy View Post
the iphone didnít sell because most people couldnít justify spending that much money on a phone, regardless of itís many extra features... so i suppose there's a slight relevance


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