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Prologue II: Spanning the Ten Year Silence

Prologue II: Spanning the Ten Year Silence

(Excerpts from the ‘Journals of Casey Vale’)
Casey Vale: Journal Entry
Force knows what day or time...

See, that's the biggest problem with constant traveling; you can never be quite sure what day it is, let alone what time. Even the year starts to get a bit fuzzy. But by Coruscant standards, I'd have to say it's been roughly six months since I was arrested. I often tell people that the funny thing about being able to escape from prison is that they don't put you in one. What do they do? They give you guards and technology to ensure you don't do the same things you got arrested for.

The armband, then. It's actually quite comfortable. Surprisingly so. Which is good, I suppose, since I can't even take it off to shower. Fully waterproof and everything. Quite the impressive piece of tech. If I get too far from my guards though, the blasted thing will knock me out and alert them to my whereabouts. No running. And no tech. I touch a computer console - or any piece of technology, for that matter - it gives me a not-so-pleasant zap of electricity, right through the arm. Can't count the number of times my arm was numb - for hours at a time - when I first got the thing put on. Zaps me if I try to take it off too... even the slightest skin-touch sets it off. For that, long sleeves are a great blessing.

I'm not really complaining, though. I've become good friends with my guards, odd as it may sound. But when you travel around together for six months, it's kinda hard
not to know them. And they have the power to switch off the armband... which they do oh so occasionally. Typically, they let me show off for people who doubt I am who I say I am. Problem with that is, they tend to then insist that we leave the place immediately afterward. Can't say as I blame them though; after all, they are getting paid to keep me out of trouble... and again, I'm not complaining. It's kinda fun to show off and then vanish.

This is rather new to me, too. Six months I've gone without access to a proper journal. And Jattic bought me this...
book a few months back... not in a datapad. He said they used to read and write in things like this all the time before computer technology accelerated and made it unnecessary. It was a joke on his part, but I'm using it seriously. Who'd have thought that the great Casey Vale would physically write her thoughts into sheets of paper? Ha! I certainly never would have guessed it.

So I'm journaling. But six months is a lot to catch up on and this is a highly inconvenient way to recount it. Perhaps, I'll have to persuade Max or Jattic to buy me a voice recorder. They're the most willing to do what I want so far... anyway, Max is calling for me. I hear they’re taking me somewhere... how did Jattic put it... right, somewhere ‘backwater and beautiful’. Suppose I may as well go see about it...

Well, for now, then,

Casey Vale

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Casey Vale: Journal Entry
Force knows what day or time... (damned if I’m not already getting tired of writing this...)

Well, I think it’s been something like another month or two. Had some kind of celebration. Max and Jattic were laughing at me because I’ve forgotten – or never bothered to remember – the names of all the galactic holidays. Somewhere ‘backwater and beautiful’ turned into somewhere ‘risky and frightening’. Had another close call with some of my so-called ‘rescuers’. I’m looking forward to the day that they forget I’m even out here... maybe I should change my name. And hide the armband under a shirt... not that doing so would be changing anything, really...

Anyway, so what, eight months now? I’m getting tired of this incessant traveling. Another good reason to change my name. Maybe we can find some nice little planet to settle down. Not all this shuttling about without any clear destination. I’ll have to suggest that to Jattic. Above all, I can’t forget what I’m here for.

Casey Vale

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Kassa Vick: Journal Entry
I’ve given up on time

Bless me journal, for I have not written. Heh... it’s been what, four years now? I haven’t a clue, really. It’s all sorta blended together. Good memories, bad memories... it’s all sort of a collage built up in my head, and in the shuttle. Jattic said ‘no’ to the settling down idea, but I still adopted a new name. Kassa Vick. I like it. Jattic thought it was funny. Jerk.

He’s in the habit of correcting me now, too. It’s been exactly five years today. You know, it’s amazing how difficult it is to keep track of a book. That’s part of the reason I haven’t written in almost four years. I just can’t place it all that often. The other issue happens to be a lack of interest, you know? There’s just so many things to do in all the places we go.

People seem to have gotten used to the fact that I can’t be found now. And Jattic’s more agreeable to settling down. We bought a little house on Naboo, a truly beautiful place. I’m falling in love with it and we’ve only been here... umm... Jattic says two weeks. I guess that seems about right. Occasionally, people who’ve actually heard of or even seen Casey Vale ask me if I’m her. I politely reply that it’s a common mistake. My name is Kassa Vick. Jattic’s laughing again. Shall I slap him? I’m gonna slap him. There! Done.

So about trust now. My guards aren’t exactly guards anymore. They’re my friends. Good friends too. Last week, Jattic...
yesterday Jattic took the armband off for good. It was kinda weird, since I’d been wearing it for so long. There’s a strip of skin there on my arm that’s paler than the rest... more tender too. Not cool. Jattic looked at it and just shrugged... said it wouldn’t be long before it was back to normal.

Anyway, I’ve taken to accessing technology again. I’m surprised; it hasn’t changed much. But now, I’m finally getting into the real reason for getting myself into lockdown. Jattic’s still trying to get me to fess up with my secrets, but so far, all I’ve told him is that they’re Empire secrets. Jattic and Max were cool about that, but Katera was a little concerned and so was Griss. Of the four of them, I think those two are the most pro-Empire. Not that either of them really are, but... well, I dunno. Have to be careful, I suppose.

Anyway, we’re heading into Theed today, to watch the coronation of a new queen. It’s interesting, this planet. Their queen is chosen by vote every four years... so really, it’s like a democratic government with monarchial titles... not sure I’ll ever get used to that. I dunno, though. We’ll see.

Suppose that’s all for now,

Kassa Vick... ugh, I can’t do this...

Casey Vale

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Casey Vale; Journal Entry

Well, I may know the day and time now, but it’s sort of tradition not to write it down. Been going for near ten years now, and no signs of stopping! Anyway, I’ve been probing deeper into the Empire’s darkest corners, where they keep all their military secrets, schemes for things I shudder to think about. Interrogation machines, invasive lie detectors, brainwashing, cloning. Seems like they’ve got a brainchild in every field of evil. But there’s one thing, the thought of which terrifies me to silence. I can’t imagine the cruel, heartless mind that came up with this.

Security on this project is far higher than any other as well. The Empire wants this one unknown until its debut. But I can’t let that happen. I’ve got to warn someone... or everyone. But mainly, I’ll try to drop this information into the hands of those who can use it. Rebel Alliance, maybe. I hear they’re becoming far more organized than they were back when I got arrested. Maybe they can do something with the information... but that’s assuming I get the information before it’s too late.

As I mentioned before, security on this project is through the roof. I’ve been booted from the system more times in the last seven years than I can count. But I’ve managed to get snippets of information, mostly just photos of this thing being built. I showed Jattic finally, and he’s just as horrified as I am. Not so pro-Empire now, I guess. He showed it to Max and Katera. Griff saw it too, but he seemed impressed more than concerned. I wonder about him sometimes...

Anyway, for the first time in almost ten years, I, Casey Vale am going to reach out to the outside world. I’m going to call Sean. Maybe I haven’t seen him in almost ten years, but I know I can trust him. I have to trust him. Because without him, without any of my friends, including my guards, I couldn’t pull this off... not on my own. Sigh. Well, wish me luck...

Casey Vale

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

At work, Sean Casey’s computer screen went black. Frustrated by the apparent system failure, Sean leaned back and let out a tired sigh. “Tass!” he yelled, “did you trip over the power cables again?”

A series of alien curses echoed in the hall just off Sean’s office and his eyebrows shot up. “Well...” he mumbled. “That was... sorry I asked...”

[Sean Casey.] White letters jumped out at him. Sean lurched back from his computer, startled. “What?” he murmured. He tapped a few keys, trying to restore his screen.

[Don’t think you’re getting out that easy, Sean.]

Frowning, Sean typed in, [Who is this?] and his words came up light blue.

[Someone who needs your help. Whoa! Nice system you’ve got there... almost kicked me out.]

At that, Sean knew exactly who he was communicating with, but he could scarcely believe it. [Casey?]

[Smart one, you are. But listen. I have very little time before this is discovered by the Imps. I’ve gotta get out quick, but I need you. Get away from Coruscant as quickly as you can... and don’t use your real name.]

Sean frowned. “Casey...” His screen returned to normal. Swearing under his breath, Sean tried to return to his work, but his mind was buzzing. It had been ten years since Casey’s arrest and Sean had never been fully convinced that it was an accident. To have her contact him now in such a covert way confirmed his suspicions and now she needed his help. He grinned. Ten years had passed... but he’d planned for this.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Dear Imperials,

In short, yes I’ve been contacted by Casey Vale. I have no idea why, nor do I particularly care. She’s my friend and I aim to help her in whatever way I can. Step one, I’m leaving Coruscant. Step two, she’s contacting me. Step three, I have no idea. At any rate, good luck finding me. If I’ve learned one thing in the last ten years, it’s how to avoid you people.

I know you'll read this within a half an hour of the time I save it, so I've got just one more thing to say to you... See you in hell,

Sean Casey

Satisfied with the little trick he was playing on the Empire, Sean Casey boarded a public transport using the name, 'Jatt Grayson'. At the last moment, he tossed the datapad off the transport, where he was sure it would be picked up by the Empire... if some beggar off the street didn't get to it first. And if one of them did... well, then he'd get a nasty surprise when the Imperials got around to finding it.

So here he was, with full identification to prove he was Jatt Grayson, heading for somewhere on the Outer Rim. He had no idea where to look for Casey first, but he knew how to ask questions. He'd find her... sooner or later. And if he didn't, she'd find him.

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