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I've always believed certain force powers should work a bit differently. I don't plan it from the get-go, but I might end up ranting throughout this post, so bare with me.

-Force Jump

I believe Force Jump should follow the original Jedi Knight's system. Rather than jump and keep jumping (almost floating higher), you charge your jump while you're on the ground. The more you charge, the higher you go. Higher levels would allow for quicker charging and higher jumps.

-Force Push/ Pull

As someone mentioned above, this would be better off as a combined ability, "Telekinesis." Hitting the button would send the player into a "hands out" animation where they can select the target(s), and, a separate control scheme would temporarily take over.

Holding primary fire in this mode would be a "grab." Rather than push or pull them around, you simply use your mouse to move them around (grip-style, but with no damage). Holding down secondary fire and then moving your mouse in a direction would cause you to push/ pull/ slide the target in the desired direction. Although it adds a bit of an extra step, it allows for more functionality and requires more thought than just pushing a button, which is good. (I'm pretty sure Jedi had to think about what they were doing ).

-Force Seeing

Not much to do with sense, I guess, but there's a couple of cool features that could be added, I think. Call me crazy, but the feature I want most is a rear-view mirror. If you have Seeing 3, you just sit the "mirror" at the top of the screen and it lets you see behind you. The stuff is being drawn any way, might as well make use of it if you can earn such an ability.

-Mind Trick

Once again, call me crazy, but I'd love to be able to literally take over someone's body for a certain amount of time. You just kinda warp over to the person you're targeting and control them. They could have some mini-game to try to get out of it, for fairness, I suppose.


I say just make heal a mini-game, gets easier and more effective the higher level you go.


Absorb against all the powers should require specific timing, Yoda-blocking-lightning-style. If it's held down for several seconds and the player isn't hit by a force ability, the player should automatically start 'sharing' the force with others around.

Dependent upon the effected players' Absorb level, the action player should gain 10 force points per 50 skill points the targets have. If this number goes above 100, it simply stays there until it moves under 100 (it doesn't refresh to this amount, nor does it decay).


Alright, there is absolutely no evidence in any Star Wars movie or non-game that protection could logically exist. In my opinion, it should be changed to a more appropriate name and use. Now, I'm not sure of a plausible name, but I'm sure someone would know something.

Essentially, this could reflect a Jedi enhancing his/her concentration during battle. It works similarly to protect, but a tad bit different. Mishap would regen at a higher rate, as would DP, at the cost of Force Points over time. Simple yet effective, in my opinion.


Could work essentially the opposite of Absorb; no lightning-style effect, but rather, within a radius, you steal the force of others and put it to your health. Up close and personal, using this ability would trigger the good ol' "Grab and Gank" Drain that steals force by grabbing the target and full-on stealing their force.

I think the other Dark Powers are pretty good- except Rage, but I'm not quite sure what could be done to it.

Anyway, hope I didn't bore you all while you were reading through this. Some of it may be a bit... impossible, but, you never know, so I figured I'd post it anyway.
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