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To be honest, I was thinking of making protect a power that just lets you use your Force points to negate a bit of DP and HP damage, much like base. I don't see why we'd need another Force Rage. I'm planning to change the effects on Force Rage though, since it seems like something any Jedi could use when needed. Take Obi-Wan vs Maul for example. Obi was being pretty emo there.

I don't think we should be changing the push and pull mechanics just yet. We could seperate grip as telekinesis and choke as just the choking power it is now, but to spend so much time coding on a single part of the system would be inefficient. But as I said, we could tweak grip to be a bit more responsive and activate a different control scheme. We were planning to do so for the quickparry button anyway.

If we add heal, I'd like it to be a passive Force power that heals the user x HP per x seconds while meditating. I don't think it should be a seperate, active power. What is your opinion on this guys?

I'm liking the ideas thus far. If we do plan to go where we want to go, battle meditation sounds like a pretty cool in-theme idea.

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