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Well, here it is, the next chapter of my new fic. Enjoy and please comment

Chapter 2 - Pain and Sorrow

It’s not the dream, or the goal that counts, it’s what you do, what you suffer through and sacrifice to get there, that counts...

“It’s not looking good Revan, her condition is critical.” The nurse’s voice felt distant, he could only think about Bastila, and what had happened, how he could’ve saved her, how he should’ve saved her. He looked through the mirror at Bastila's unmoving body, she seemed almost dead.
“It’s not your fault Revan, you did the best you could’ve, no need to be so harsh on yourself” It wasn’t helping, he could only believe it was his fault.
“If only I had’ve searched the ship more, I could’ve found him, I could’ve saved her.” Tears ran down Revan’s face, he grew pale, he leaned over and sobbed away...

The Ebon Hawk felt eerily calm and quiet, no-one said a word since they learned of what happened to Bastila.
“They’ll pay for what they did to her.” Revan broke the silence, “Carth, we’re going to Nar Shaddaa.”
“Why? Might I ask.” Carth’s voice was curious.
“Where else would a spineless slug hide?” Revan, for the first time since beein brainwashed, sounded sadistic, almost evil, as he thought about revenge on the Bounty Hunter.

The trip was very quiet, Revan stayed in the hangar and didn’t say a word, HK-47 and T3-M4 just stood in the main room, chatting quietly, while Canderous spent all his time repairing and upgrading his weapons.
“Revan, we’re here, where do we search first?” Carth asked.
“We visit an old friend...” They left the Ebon Hawk and walked towards the Refugee Sector, receiving blank stares from the locals, and cowardly stares from the ones who fought in the war and survived, only to become refugees trapped on Nar Shaddaa.
The Refugee Sector was crowded, more so than ever before. The makeshift rooms were filled, and some unlucky refugees had to sleep on the gorund outside, with nothing to protect them from the cold or the wet. It was an unpleasant sight, as the stench of death hung around them.
They made their way to the room of an Iridonian.
“Revan, who is this Iridonian we’re searching for?” That was the first thing Canderous said in a while.
“Ghazur Falaffal, you could call him a psychic of sorts.” They entered his room, where a horrible smell immediately filled their lungs, like the smell of Shyrack faeces on a hot Korriban day.
“Ghazur, I need your help.” Revan was stern, without a hint of compassion in his voice.
“Last time I helped you I ended up being tortured, what makes this time any different?” He asked.
“This time, I’ll be the one doing torturing, and you won’t come out of it alive if you don’t help me out.” Revan’s voice was growing increasingly sadistic as time rolled on, showing shades of his old self before he got redeemed.
“Okay, what do you want Revan.”
“I’m searching for an Iridonian Bounty Hunter.”
“Okay Revan, ‘cos there’s really only one Iridonian Bounty hunter isn’t there?”
Don’t get smart with me, Bastila’s life’s at stake.” Revan grabbed him by the throat and flung him into the wall.
“Okay, I know who you’re searching for, he’s not here though.”
“Where is he?!” Revan was getting impatient.
“Somewhere in the depths of Kashyyyk.”
“If I find out you’re lying, I’ll personally see to it that you don’t live to your birthday.” Revan dropped him and walked off, back to the Ebon Hawk.
“What the hell was that Revan?” Carth asked.
“What was what?”
“You were sadistic in there, almost evil, what’s gotten into you, you can’t take your anger out on innocent people.” Carth was furious at what he just witnessed.
“If you knew him like I knew him, you’d know that he isn’t as innocent as he seems...”
No-one else said a word until they reached Kashyyyk.

“Welcome back to Kashyyyk, Revan.” Said the familiar Ithorian from Czerka corp. “What brings you back to Kashyyyk?” He said, in his native Ithorian tongue.
“We’re looking for an Iridonian Bounty Hunter who is apparently hiding out in the depths of Kashyyyk.” The Ithorians eyes immediately lit up.
“Ah yes, I saw him, he said he’d be hanging out with Jolee, you might want to go talk to him.”
“Thank you, I’ll do just that.”
“Um, Revan.”
“What is it Canderous?”
“Why didn’t we bring the droids with us, they could be a big help, especially that assassin one.”
“Because I don’t want anything to happen to them, besides, we don’t need them.”
They ventured through the overgrown walkway, exchanging pleasantries with the locals until they reached the elevator, still guarded by that Wookie he first met when he came here.
“Hey, we need to go to the depths of Kashyyyk and find an Iridonian Bounty Hunter.”
“What did he say Revan?” Carth asked.
“He told us to wait for the elevator to come up.” Revan replied.
They didn’t have to wait long though as the elevator made its way up soon after, with a familiar sight in it.
“Zalbaar! Long time no see, how have you been as the new Chieftain?” Revan asked.
“Grrooar, grooooo raaah.”
“What was that Revan?” Carth asked once again.
“He said bad as an Iridonian has been scaring away his friends and the like, probably the Bounty Hunter we’re searching for. Excuse me Zalbaar, we’re actually searching for this Iridonian, wanna help us search?” Zalbaar nodded and followed them down to the depths of Kashyyyk.
“Groooo rraa roow.”
“So it’s Mission he’s been hunting? Well she’s in luck, ‘cos we’re coming.”

The trip to the bottom was a long and uneventful one, and it remained uneventful until they arrived at Jolee Bindo’s hut.
“Hey Revan! How have you been? Been teaching the newbies a few tricks or too?” Jolee was pleased to see him.
“No time to chat Jolee, we’re searching for an Iridonian Bounty Hunter, I got told you might be able to tell me where he is.” Revan was impatient with the old man.
“Ah yes, he travelled towards the large clearing where they give sacrifices by hanging those spider things, why do you want to know?” Jolee was curious.
“He may have potentially killed Bastila.” The air immediately grew colder, and an eerie silence surrounded the place.
“Go get him then, tiger, I’ll wait here.”
They made their way to the sacrifice spot to see the Iridonian meditating in front of the stone tablet.
“We meet again, Revan.” His voice was cold, and he spoke fluently in Galactic Basic.
“You have no idea of the pain you have caused me, of the trauma I have suffered every day since that fateful event, of everything I’ve suffered through to reach my new goal, the death of you, by my hands!” Revan was but a shadow of his former, compassionate self, he was like a monster, covered in blood and death, longing for blood of another sentient being.
“We shall see.” There was a loud stomping, like a minor earthquake, they turned to see a Terentatek.
“So, the Great Hunt failed again.” Canderous said.
They turned to face the Iridonian again, only to see a Blood Red Lightsaber in his cold, scaly hands.
“You’re a... you’re a Dark Jedi?” Revan was puzzled.
“Yes, I am a Dark Jedi, but I’m not only a Dark Jedi, I am a famous Dark Jedi, famous for the death of you! The great Revan, the all mighty saviour of the Republic. And with the power of the Dark Side with me, I will easily thwart your pathetic Light Side powers, for I have a beast inside me, as does everyone, but I can unleash it at will, and not worry about falling.” A smirk grew across Revan’s face.
“I do not dare deny, the basic beast inside, It’s right here, It’s controlling my mind. I too can use it at will.” Revan ignited his blue lightsaber and attacked.
“And so it begins, ATTACK TERENTATEK!” The Terentatek attacked Revan’s friends as Revan battled the Iridonian. He lunged at his heart but he blocked and parried, and went to trip him off his feet. Revan dodged and pushed him into the stone tablet he used for meditating.
“YOU CANNOT STOP ME!!” the Iridonian screamed as he unleashed a bolt of lightning at Revan, stopping him dead in his tracks. Revan withstood the power of the lightning and fought through the pain. He leaped at him and delivered a kick to the solar plexus. Knocking him onto the ground.
“This is for Bastila.” Just before he could deliver the killing blow the Terentatek picked him up in his powerful claws.
“Let go of me you foolish beast!” Fire burned in his eyes as he was getting ready to annihilate it. The Terentatek tightened his grip on Revan, attempting to crush him into oblivion.
“Your choice.” Revan unleashed a surge of the Force knocking the beast over, he proceeded to decapitate him and burn him into a pile of ash with lightning.
“Oh Revan.” He turned to see the Iridonian standing next to Mission, who was hung upside down by he feet.
“Surrender your will to me or she gets it.” He taunted.
“Pfft, I couldn’t care less about her.” Everyone was shocked at Revan and how he’s been acting lately, and what he just said.
“Don’t worry, it’s a trick I’m playing.” Revan whispered to them, although he sounded sarcastic.
“Let her go, I promise I won’t hurt you.” Revan was trying to persuade him with his mastery of the Force.
“Oka... Oka.... Okay...” he cut Mission down and dropped her at Revan’s feet. “You don’t think I’m THAT stupid, do you?” He kicked Revan in the knee and pushed him into a trap he set, hanging Revan by the throat.
“Anyone else tries to play a trick like that and that’s what’ll happen.” They were stunned at how easily Revan was fooled. He started to turn blue as the circulation cut off to his head.
“And now...” there was a pause until he fell on the ground, lightsaber in his back.
“Nobody messes with my friends.” It was Jolee, who came just in time to save the day. He cut Revan down from his noose.
“Are you alright Revan?” He asked.
“I could’ve died had you come any later.” Revan was stern, the evil inside almost seemed to be consuming him. “C’mon, this jobs done, lets head back to Coruscant. You comin’ Jolee?”
Jolee nodded and followed them back to the Ebon Hawk.

The night was spent sleeping in the main chamber of the Ebon Hawk. Everyone that is, except for Revan, who spent the night in the hanger, talking to himself, and acting all paranoid, like someone or something was out to get him. He felt alon, and in pain, and there was nothing he could do to weaken it, to make it go away. A pain was gnawing away at him, guilt, for how he didn’t do anything quick enough to save Bastila. He was alone in the dark room of the hangar, and he was alone in his heart and soul.
"Could this be, just a dream?..."

Hope you enjoyed it


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