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“Then, who am I?” Revan turned to see an Iridonian. “As quickly as he saw him, was as quickly as there was a thud. He looked down, a vibrosword had pierced his stomach. The pain felt numb, more like a wound from wlaking into a wall, rather than a vibrosword to the stomach. He pulled it out. He felt nothing more than a stinging sensation, until, he turned to realise Bastila was crumpled on the ground. Revan grew pale, he collapsed onto his knees, the pain had started to kick in, “Maybe this is all a hallucination, a dream, maybe it was all hallucinated.” He let out a surge of the Force, wiping out the Bounty Hunters. He just stayed there, next to Bastila, crying. “Maybe it’s just a Hallucination.”
I am still confused. I thought that Revan was the one the injured.

Oh, I think that I might get it now, though I am still slightly confused. :/

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