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Originally Posted by Viper32 View Post
anyone from the team have a general idea of when 1.3 is going to be out?
Originally Posted by DarthDie View Post
When itz done.

Don't worry Viper, I got the same answer :P.

Anyway, a new thought. When somebody goes the "full force" way, not using a lightsaber or weapons, that person will have an extra option to their force push. Once they get force push to level 3, an option will become available to them: The Force Wave upgrade. This would work by allowing the force user to push all enemies in a medium-sized radius with a huge wave of force power (50 force points), dealing massive physical damage (Somehow get it figured out so the damage is = to how far away whatever they hit is. At a far enough distance the person will just land and take about 5 damage vs. being able to be crushed by something extremely close). This ability won't be mandatory to use. To use this the person would press the "Reload" button and use the "Force Push" power. Why is this an idea to implement? Imagine being a pure force user, being rushed by 4 lightsaber wielding enemies that will cut your DP to 0 in a matter of seconds. Now imagine that with your ability to send them flying with ease. But isn't this overpowered you ask? Well, a cool down time would be required of at least 45 seconds!

The specs:
Name: Force Wave
Effectiveness Range: Medium, AoE (Area of Effect, does damage in a sphere around the user)
Damage: Once hit with the wave every second you don't hit something the damage is reduced by 13. After 7.6 seconds, the damage done is 5 and the person hits the floor.
Rate of Movement: The wave makes a person go flying at the speed of a level 3 force push if they are hit by it.
Cool Down Time: 45-60 seconds.
Force Point Cost: 50
Cost to purchase in menu: 20 (on top of all 3 levels of Push)
Power Type: Neutral

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