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Force Push/Pull
Any level. Increasing returns as points are invested into push, pull, and jump.

Design push so that it's possible to push or pull yourself while airborne.

  • Being thrown over a pit of liquid hot magma doesn't have to be a death sentence. Recoveries like this would be equal parts of badass and awesome. The mental image here is Obi dangling down into the bottomless pit with Maul prancing around above. Right as things look like they can't get any worse Obi launches out of the pit and cuts Maul's **** in half. Maul always looked surprised to me. As if he was thinking Wtf, you can use pull to fly? instead of the more obvious Did my **** just get cut in half?
  • Push could allow you to change direction mid-jump (more so than you can already) or to increase the angle and distance of a long jump. The landing doesn't have to be too rough either if you use push to slow down a deadly velocity.
Why not?
  • I'm imagining jedi pushing forward and back Mario-style jumping off their force push. It's too arcade-style-y for Luke and his buds.
  • My Obi correlation might be a bit weak. I'm not sure where I got the idea, but I know it wasn't from anything Star Wars. Not sure how well air acrobatics fit into the mod.

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