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Originally Posted by TheDestroyer99 View Post
I can live with all caps :P. Anyway, you can change the gamespeed if you want to. I just forget the command. Ahhh, the days when I could point over to a wall 5 feet away and hit +forward in the consol, go out for lunch and laser tag for 5 hours and come back and be 7/8 of the way there :P. It involved many 0's.
Ever tried to set it to a negative value? Nobody can aim properly, not even the NPCs. That's how I did the PotD June 6 2007 on JK3Files. All disruptor shots passed between the legs of the player.

I like Matta's idea. I also think that you should be able to launch oneself upwards while in-air... That could also be a "sudden-death-from-falling-saver". Maybe launching oneself upwards when in a ledge grab (the Obi reference)...

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