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Originally Posted by YertyL View Post
I'm OK with the colony being a requirement for building construction yards and golans, but losing everything when the colony is destroyed seems a bit harsh.
Again, this just seems to be how the engine was set up to work. You must have exactly one "starbase", but can have multiple "orbital structures". If the starbase is destroyed, it wipes out all of the orbital structures as well, since they cannot exist without the starbase.

In vanilla, the only things that really mattered were the starbase, since the only orbital structures were those insignificant satellites. Unfortunately, now everything is an orbital structure, but that's the only way to make this happen. If you kill the starbase in v1.0 and you have Golans, the same thing will happen.

The only thing I can do is to ensure that the space colonies are at the center of your space complex and have adequate shielding and hull. There are also five upgrade levels; only the first is mandatory. Remember, though, that if you have five starbases in orbit, that's five times as many static defenses as before too.
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