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[Fin] Star Wars: Tython Ties 1: The Great Schism

Star Wars: Tython Ties Episode 1: The Great Schism

Datapad Entry:
For thousands of years, we have been allies, friends, and fathers of the Republic. All is coming to an end now in these Dark times. Many have fallen, and the greatest of heroes has fallen to the dark side. The one that was to help us save the Universe became our demise.
Never have we been this close to extinction. Never have we felt such hatred, rage and desperation. All is lost.
The temple is breached. Thousands of Jedi are dead. I can feel Jedi in pain all over the galaxy. But what happened here is too horrible. Even the younglings have been slain by the Son of the Suns.
But before I go into exile, there is something you should know. They can harm us. They can wound us. They can even kill us. But never will our knowledge and way of life be lost. For we are Jedi! If you read this…please secure this. My time has almost come. The Clone troopers are bashing on the doors.
You are now the last keeper of the Tython Ties. The last journal of an ancient family. The last Jedi family.
You can’t possibly understand now. We have to go back to the source. Tython itself. We won’t do that though. We will go back to 6920 years ago, near the end of the Great Schism that spawned a faction known as….Sith.

Jenos of Tython sat down in the bunker. All eyes in the room were searching his. It was a difficult decision to make of course. The Dark Jedi, or Followers of Bogan, were severely outnumbered. But desperate people make desperate decisions. Several years ago, they were on the brink of annihilation when they created the Leviathan, a monster, created by the Dark side itself. But now, this day, a new monster had shown itself. A huge Kraken, Tentacle-monster, or something like appeared in a cave several clicks North of the base. The Jedi called it a Silan. It wasn’t a problem, if it wasn’t for it’s location: Directly in front of the enemy forces. It was practically the only defence line left for the enemy.
“What are we going to do, General? The council suggests we attack.”
Lieutenant Bayel was a good man, but without fear. He would gladly go on a desperate mission, just to do the right thing.
“I think we should press through. It’s only a matter of time before those Dark Jedi fall.”
While Jenos said that, he felt that everyone else in the room agreed. They had been fighting for nearly hundred years. The Republic was getting tired of these ‘Force Wars.’
“It’s settled then. Send me regiment of Knights. I will lead them myself.”
“Right away, sir.”
Bayel left the bunker. The other Jedi officers left as well, leaving Jenos alone.
He quickly got his gear ready. His armour was heavily damaged after years of fighting. Jenos had been fighting since he entered Knighthood, not too long after his 26th birthday.
He sighed. 12 years away from Coruscant. It felt so much longer.
He left the bunker, and walked into the warm air. He never really liked these warm, rocky planets. There were places to hide everywhere, and conquering a planet like this could take months, if not years.
He was just walking towards Bayel, when the young Jedi turned around and saluted:
“Your men are ready, sir.”
Jenos looked to his left. Several hundreds of Jedi were standing there, ready for action. Some of them were even younger then he was when he was plunged into the war. He straightened his back, and looked at the men and women in front of him.
“Today is the day, fellow Jedi. We are going to break their last line of defence. A monster called the Silan is guarding the only road available to their base. The Dark Jedi hide deep underground, with their precious monster protecting them. It’s up to us to clear it, hold the cave, and wait for reinforcements. After that, we win this war!”
The Jedi roared. They wanted to go back to their homes as well. The war had been very depressing. Casualties were rising since the Leviathans were introduced. Most of the time they were fighting those beasts instead of Dark Jedi. There were simply to little of them to form a threat. But their monstrous creations were.
“Follow me!”
Soon after, several hundreds of Jedi were marching out of the encampment, heading for the hills. They we’re not the only ones seeing the group march out. So did the Dark Jedi.

The Jedi reached the notorious cave several hours later. They couldn’t travel there by ship, because of all the anti-air launchers hidden in the rocks. They once tried to destroy them all, without result. They were replaced less then a week later.
But there were others tasks at hand. Breaking that last wretched defence line.
Jenos climbed on a little hill, overseeing his soldiers.
“Jedi! Today, we fight. Tomorrow, we defeat the followers of Bogan, next week, we will be home!”
All the soldiers yelled ‘Yes Sir!’ Together.
“This monster is surrounded by Leviathans, Dark Side Zombies, and possibly even Dark Jedi! Some of you will not make it out of here alive. But rest assured that you will have contributed in the Dark Jedi’s demise. Today, we FIGHT!”
Jenos pulled his lightsaber out, and activated it. Although the modern lightsabers where way better and more elegant then the previous semi-siege weapons, they still required a cumbersome belt-worn power generator attached to the saber by a cable. He saw the green blade emitting from his hands, and smiled.
He then ran into the cave, followed by his comrades. But what they saw scared the living daylights out of them. A huge monsters turned their way, with ten- if not hundreds of tentacles. The first tentacle swiped towards Jenos, but he jumped over it. The Jedi behind him wasn’t that lucky, and got split in two by the sheer force of the monster.
Slowly, more and more Jedi were entering the cave, like a wave. They circled around the monster, searching for an opening in it’s defence. A Zabrak Jedi jumped towards the monster, but got hit by a tentacle and was slammed to the ground, dead. A human Knight quickly jumped on one of the tentacles, and force sped himself along it. The monster foresaw it, and quickly put his huge mouth at the end of the tentacle, and lifted the other side. The Jedi tried to jump, but fell down into the huge mouth.
But the monster was getting tired. Several Jedi managed to cut of it’s tentacles, and some even damaged it directly.
Right at that moment, a loud rumble emitted from the other side of the cave. Jenos looked at the passage leading deeper into the cave, but had already felt who- or what they were. Leviathans. And many of them.
“Leviathans on the way! Get into stance! Bravo Squad, kill that monsters for the sake of…”
He couldn’t finish his phrase. The Leviathans stormed the cave, and started to tear the Jedi apart. A young female human got bitten in the face. Jenos readied his lightsaber and rushed towards here. He quickly swiped at the monster, instantly killing it. The women stood up, with her battle helmet heavily damaged. Jenos saw who she was.
It was Nada Bil’sen. She served under him on Nabulous 7 as well.
“Are you all right, Nada?”
“I’m fine, WATCH OU---“
But Jenos had already stabbed his sabre backwards, cutting another Leviathan in half.
“The force is my ally, and a strong ally it is, Nada.”
Jenos and Nada raged towards the frontline, were several Jedi were holding back the Leviathans.
“Can you use Force pull, Nada?”
“Sure…what’s the plan?”
“The usual…”
He force jumped on a ledge, while Nada was helping the Jedi in the frontline.
He now oversaw the cave. It was nothing more then a huge room, with an entrance, and a long hallway leading to the Dark Jedi base. And it was now crawling with Leviathans. He made a quick calculation. He had lost about a third of his soldiers already. Most were still alive though, but simply in no state to fight anymore. They were force-lifted to the entrance were several healers were busy mending their wounds.
“Gamma Squad, Frontline, holds your positions, and wait for my command!”
They were now lining up, forming a wall for the monsters, while several others squads were attacking the Silan behind them.
“Bravo squad, give them a ceiling! Frontline, be ready to jump back, and attack the Silan!”
He awaited the right moment…the Leviathans were now in formation.
He pulled with all his power, and so did several other squads. Several seconds later, the ceiling collapsed, right above the tunnel and the frontline.
“Frontline, retreat!”
All jumped back, awaiting the result.
The ceiling came down with a thundering sound. Most of the Leviathans got crushed beneath it. The survivors were now trapped between a wall of Jedi and the debris, and got killed easily.
Jenos jumped of the ledge, and ran towards the Silan. He quickly yelled “Attack!” and all the Jedi were again attacking the huge monster. Several minutes later, he called for Aplha squad.
“That monster has to go down ASAP. Do you understand? In a few minutes we will jump on that beast, and kill it, got it?”
The Jedi nodded. The got to the back of the cave, to make way for their jump. Jenos stood right in front of them.
“At my mark…go!”
The next second, eleven Jedi were running towards the monster, with drawn lightsabres. All other Jedi looked at them, and everything seemed to be in slow-motion. They jumped. They seemed to be airborne for minutes before they landed. Two or three were smashed against the walls by the monster, but most of the team made it. They quickly began stabbing the beast, until it finally gave in to the pain. The Jedi made it.

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