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The Road to War
“Yes. This is general Jenos…no, we haven’t beaten them yet. No, the beast is dead. What! No support? Are you crazy? I lost a third of my soldiers here! I promised we’d get reinforcements! Morale is low!”
He was looking at a hologram that was emitted from a large so-called ‘contact droid.’
The women that was shown was skinny, with grey hair waving across her shoulders, and a lightsaber hanging on her belt, with the power coupling attached to it.
“We need all the forces we can get at Corbos. We suspect all the Rogue Jedi are hiding there.”
Jenos was furious. He lost many comrades at the attack on the Silan. Apparently, for nothing.
“We KNOW there is a base down there, hell…our scouts have even spotted more Leviathans on the way! We need to bring them down!”
The old Jedi looked at him:
“You, a mere Knight, you wouldn’t understand.”
“But I do. You are responsible for the death of dozens of Jedi! You ordered me to conquer this planet, and agreed on attacking the cave. Your little pet Bayel even agreed!”
The old Jedi from the hologram sighed.
“Okay then. You get one week. If you haven’t landed on Corbos a week from now, you will be in big trouble..”
“Thank you Master.” Jenos said, with as much sarcasm he could draw from his battered body.
“Jedi master Edriss’sa out.” The Old women sighed.
Jenos walked through the base. He gave the Jedi a day of, so that they could rest for the task to come: War. Until now, they had only battled some Leviathans and zombies. But the council insisted on pushing through. And right at the moment war would start, the council wanted him to retreat. It bothered him, this lack of tactics. It was their idea to send a “Jedi only” squad to this planet in the first place.
He walked into the tactical command bunker, where he had met the officers the last time. Everyone was there again, including Bayel, Master Fiyuun, General Lap-Lans. He already regretted the comment he made about Bayel. The man was simply doing what he was told.
Jenos activated the central holo-emitter using the Force. It showed the cave. The large round room where the Silan had lived was clearly visible, and the large tunnel leading to the enemy as well. The end of the hologram was darkened though.
“This, gentlemen, is unexplored territory.”
The old Bothan general Lap-Lans was the first to respond:
“Would you mind telling why it’s unexplored then? It’s clearly a passageway to the enemy. Every single enemy activity of the last three months comes out of that cave, including the beast your man have slain.”
Jenos looked at the old Bothan, with his long manes.
“Because the council wants to retreat from this planet. Their last order was to claim the cave, and now they want us to leave.”
Everyone in the room was silent. They fought so hard. Lost so many people. For what?
Bayel was the first to talk after the silence:
“So…why are we still here?”
Jenos smiled. He knew Bayel was eager to fight.
“Because I negotiated. We got a week to clear this mess, before we go to Corbos. That’s where the last battle of this Era will be fought. At least, that’s what the Council suspects.”
The officers looked at each other. Finally, after a hundred years of darkness, the war would come to an end.
Lap-Lans responded:
“But…are we the last unit that isn’t on Corbos yet?”
“Correct. The Dark Jedi are gathering at Corbos for one last fight. All their strongholds have been breached, with only the one on Ibrus C-3 remaining, where we are now. So when we win here, we win the war. Otherwise, the dark Jedi will have at least one more stronghold left, next to the one at Carbos, of course.”
Jenos already knew what Lap-Lans was going to ask:
“But…Jenos…why did the council want to retreat then?”
“Because they don’t think there are much enemies here. They already think everyone’s at Corbos. But we know better. Hell, we fought dark Jedi monsters yesterday!”
He looked at the holo-emitter. He pointed at the end of the tunnel.
“We need to go through. Easy enough. But we don’t know what’s on the other side. Sending scouts won’t work because of all the Leviathans. Their life energy would be drained instantly.”
Bayel was playing with his lightsaber.
“So you suggest? Send droids?”
“No. We go in there ourselves. Finish the job, and get of this damn rock, and join the other Jedi. I know it’s a risk. But we have to take it. We already bested the Silan. Whatever’s out there, we can beat it. So…I want a plan of attack based on this holo and eye-witness reports. Make me happy.”

The next day, Bayel entered Jenos’ private bunker to report. He made a simple battle plan, and started explaining, while Jenos listened carefully.
“Basically, we form a wedge, until we reach the end of the tunnel. Every soldier will then place it’s custom shield generator to create a frontline we can defend. From there, we will create a command point, and move on.”
Everything he said was properly illustrated by a holo made of the tunnel. Bayel smiled:
“Twenty persons can easily walk next to each other in there.”
Jenos looked at the holo. This plan looked good. Whatever was out there, the Jedi would have some shelter. Whether they would be attacked by Dark Jedi, Leviathans, Walkers, even Silans.
“Your plan is fine, Bayel. Ready our comrades.”
“Yes sir, thank you sir.”
Jenos equipped his armor, and grabbed a lightsaber power pack from a load point. He stuffed the second power pack in his robe, as he connected the wires, power pack and lightsaber.
“Man…they have to solve this. Those sabers are draining energy like a Tythonian Day-Bat.”
Several minutes later, he marched out of his quarters, towards the central courtyard where all Jedi were assembled.
“Fellow Jedi!” He spoke: “Today is the day we beat the last Dark Jedi outpost. We will write history. Our names shall be written down in the Jedi Library. We will be heroes.”
He sighed.
“It was an honour to fight with you guys. I don’t think we will be stationed together on Corbos again. May you live a happy life, one with the Force. Today, we fight one last time! Together! Side by side, my comrades!”
All Jedi roared. And they slowly started marching towards the dreaded cave where they fought the Silan.

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