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Corbos was an Outer Rim planet near the Yavin System which was rich in ores. Several mining stations were spread along the deep canyons that were spawned across the planet. There wasn’t any sound, any signs of life. But several miles beneath the surface, a group of Jedi scouts were eagerly searching for any sign of the enemy: Dark Jedi.
“Captain, take a look at this!”
“Silence, Mil´c, you idiot…”
The young Jedi captain called Simirac turned around, looking at the even younger Jedi Knight called Mil´c. The young man was gazing at the wall. Simirac marched towards Mil’c.
“What’s the problem? We’re not supposed to draw the enemy here, and your shouting is perfect for doing the opposite.”
“But sir…look!”
Simirac looked at the wall, expecting to see nothing. But he was wrong. A blood red sign was painted on the wall. The captain turned around, facing the other three Jedi.
“People, how could we, for crying out loud, MISS that?”
Mil’c looked up:
“Because it wasn’t here when we first passed it, Sir.”
“You have to be joking. How can that be? I only know one type of symbol that can disappear and reappear, and…”
The young captain turned pale. Sweat was pouring from his forehead.
“We---we have to get out of here, NOW!”
Simirac suddenly remembered that the Dark Jedi used a chemical to give each other orders. They would simply paint a spot on the wall, and any Dark Jedi nearby could form it into a symbol, using the Force. Seeing this symbol ‘active’, it could only mean one thing: The Dark Jedi were near!

“Hold your positions! Lap-Lans, where are those blasted shield generators?”
Jenos was fighting several Dark Jedi, while shouting. Most of waist-mounted shield generators were down, and he saw many comrades struggling to hold their ground.
All of a sudden, he was lifted in the air, and he felt his throat was slowly being put tight.
Several Dark Jedi were closing in on him now, and is carefully created perimeter was slowly filled with grinning enemies. And all of a sudden, he saw him. Standing on a ledge several feet away: Krivor Vernuli, one of the leaders of the Dark Jedi. He got direct order from the real leader, Xoxaan, personally. Jenos knew he was being Force Choked. The world around him started to get blurry, when all of a sudden Nada jumped towards Krivor. He lost his grip and Jenos was released. He fell down toe the ground and landed on his knees.
Red and Blue lightning flares were emitting from the duel in front of him.
From his position he could see Nada was in trouble. She was a very talented Jedi, but in no way a Battlemaster or anything alike. Her performance of Soresu lacked speed.
His own Makashi style was far from perfect, but at least he got the Experts degree in it, whereas Nada only had the ‘Practitioners’ degree in Soresu.
Jenos quickly used a technique to get his focus back. He stood up, ignited his lightsaber again, and force jumped to the plateau where Nada and Vernuli were fighting.
He then realised the platform wasn’t a platform at all. It was a building! From the outside the wall had looked like stone, but the material below Jenos feet was definitely some kind of steel. He rushed towards the middle of the plateau were Nada was trying to hold her ground. The ferocious attacks of Krivor Vernuli were draining her fatigue. Jenos force speed towards the duel. Krivor lifted his hand and purple lightning flashed out of the tips of his fingers, causing Jenos to fly backwards in pain. Smoke was coming from his chest. His eyes felt heavy, so heavy….

Simirac rushed outside, followed by Mil’c. The three Jedi that completed the party were killed inside the maze of caves below. The second after they found the Sign of Boga former friends attacked them from every direction. Mil’c had used force Pull to pull the ceiling down on the first group of Dark Jedi surrounding them, leaving only two groups to deal with. One of their Jedi comrades had jumped into battle, getting killed instantly by a flurry of Vibroswords and lightsabers. Simirac and another team member then managed to take out three of four Dark Jedi by charging into one group using Soresu. The Dark Jedi weren’t able to respond to the defensive stance and got killed in seconds. Mil’c and the last team member were using a combination of Force Push and pull to freeze the enemy after which they attempted to kill them. The Jedi was too eager though, and got his arm severed by one of the Dark Jedi. He was then stabbed through the chest, which left Mil’c facing the last three opponents.
Simirac rushed towards his friend, who stabbed up his lightsaber just in time to block a possibly lethal slash. The three of them, Simirac, Mil’c and the lost comrade then proceeded to duel the three remaining enemies. It didn’t take long, because the Dark Jedi reinforcements decided to throw some huge rocks using the Force, killing their Dark Jedi comrades and one squad member in the process. Simirac and Mil’c could just jump away from the storm of rocks.
They then rushed towards the exit, where several other Jedi and Republic troops were waiting for their return. He could hear the footsteps and shouts of enraged Dark Jedi behind him as he was running for his life. Passage after passage, hallway after hallway the two Jedi came closer to the exit. After running for almost an hour, Simirac had to use the Force to sustain him. His legs weren’t capable of carrying his body anymore. Mil’c wasn’t doing any better. Sweat was dripping from his forehead, and it seemed he could pass out any minute.
But then, all of a sudden, familiar voices echoed through the cave. They were close!
And after a minute or two, they saw several Jedi standing near the entrance looking like they had seen a ghost. Simirac and Mil’c jumped out and landed on their feet, in front of their surprised comrades. Simirac controlled his breath using the Force and said:
“Close…cave..close…Dark Jedi…killed rest…close cave!” After which he fell down in fatigue.
The Jedi rushed towards the entrance. Republic soldiers quickly threw in some grenades, after which the Jedi made the cave ceiling come down. Afterwards, they lifted a huge stone from nearby and placed it above the now ruined entrance.
One of the Jedi turned around, facing the two exhausted Jedi:
“Don’t start the battle yet, kids. We are not ready for a full scale battle yet. Master Jenos is on his way and the fleet isn’t in position yet. No more cave exploration!”
“I’m fine, thanks for asking.” Simirac cursed at Master Edriss’sa.

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