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Inner Demons
Jenos was struggling to keep his eyes open. He felt his body was in quit a bad shape. He tapped into the Force using it to pump adrenaline into his battered body. He used to force to remove the armour guarding his torso. It was worthless against that Dark side technique and would only slow him down. Not to mention the fact his chest hurt like hell. It took considerable effort to get back up.
He felt his legs were shaking. The combined power of the choke technique and lightning left him damaged. He then tapped into the Force, looking for that one place in his mind he wasn’t allowed to use: His anger.
Fresh adrenaline rushed through his veins. He quickly attached the full power pack to his belt to make sure the sabre would last long enough in the battle ahead. The hatred towards Edriss’a was fuelling his muscles. He tapped into the Force and rushed towards the duel.
Below him, hundreds of Jedi were fighting each other. He could see the Jedi were doing well. Bayel’s idea of equipping shield generators to form a living wall was working quit well now. The Jedi who’s shields were still fully charged were leading the pack, with others behind them. Jenos was running harder now. He saw Nada and Vernuli jump through a hole in the centre of the plateau. Jenos followed.
As he jumped down, he could see the inside of the massive building he had been fighting on. It was some kind of temple. It was very plane, but impressive nevertheless. It contained a massive statue of some kind of alien species. The alien didn’t look familiar though. It’s head was cone shaped, with eyes placed at the side of it’s head.
Jenos landed on the ground. Nada and Krivor Vernuli were now fighting in front of the statue. Nada had taken some damage. Her signature helmet had fallen of and several armour parts were missing.
This was it. Jenos tapped into the Force again, assembled all his hatred, ignored his burning wound, and jumped into the duel.
He quickly deployed a series of horizontal slashes to fend of Vernuli, who was still focussed on Nada. Vernuli blocked all his slashes with ease, after which he proceeded to have a go at Nada again. The first powerful vertical slash cut her lightsaber in half, the second one missed her head by an inch, but hit her shoulder nevertheless. Nada cried out in pain, when the last strike was coming at her. Jenos quickly Force pushed her away and managed to hit Vernuli’s shoulder pad. He felt Nada pass out.
“So it’s the mighty Jenos of Tython who dares to challenge me?” Vernuli laughed.
“I already finished of your precious Jedi girl, so what makes you think you can win?”
Vernuli deactivated his lightsaber and stared at Jenos.
Jenos smiled: “Because you were a Jedi once. But you have forsaken that path. You hide behind Leviathans, zombies and what not. You are weak. The light will always prevail.”
Vernuli put his hands together in sarcasm.
“Bravo. Spoken like a true puppet of the Jedi council. If you’d only knew the power of…”
He suddenly smiled.
“But you DO know it. That’s what driving you right now. The legendary Jenos of Tython brushes with the Dark Side? Why not join us right now, comrade?”
Jenos went into the opening stance of Makashi, ready for the duel.
“Because I am a Jedi, like all of my family before me!”
Jenos charged at Vernuli without hesitation. Vernuli ignited his lightsaber and the duel started.
Jenos made some diagonal slashes using the controlled movement of his stance. Vernuli, on the other hand, used the physical power of his Djem So stance to break Jenos’ defence.
The duel raged through the temple, destroying several display cases. Lightsaber crystals scattered around the floor, statues were cut in two.
After several minutes Jenos was losing his strength. The force of Krigor Vernuli’s blows was siphoning his strength. Jenos anger was slowly ebbing away as well.
Suddenly, another Jedi jumped from the roof, with an activated blue lightsaber. It was Bayel.
The young Jedi quickly pulled Krigor away from Jenos.
“Are you okay!” He asked. Vernuli was getting up, so Bayel quickly deployed his Form 1 stance. Jenos used a meditation technique to regain fatigue. The pain of the burning wounds on his chest came back.
“I’m okay…I’ll join you in a second. Let me check on Nada first!”
He sprinted towards the Jedi girl, and touched her hand. He then used a technique to measure vital body values. She was only unconscious it seemed.
Jenos quickly turned around. Bayel was having trouble against the Dark Jedi. Again, the brute force of Vernuli was successful against the simple Jedi stances. Jenos tapped into the Force once more, only to feel he was nearly exhausted himself. He quickly joined the duel again.
Vernuli was now facing two opponents. His stance was powerful, but not fast enough to counter both Jedi styles. Jenos and Bayel were winning ground. But then, all of a sudden, Krigor jumped up to the roof again.
Bayel looked at Jenos. “He’s fleeing. Pursue?”
Jenos looked the young man. “You go and support the troops outside. Keep and eye on Nada too. I will follow Krigor Vernuli. And kill him.”
Bayel nodded. “Understood. Good hunting, Master.”
Jenos jumped up, and was just in time to see a glimpse of Vernuli running inside a little schism at the left side of the plateau. Jenos followed, ignoring his pain.

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