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Duel of the Fates
Jenos ran into the schism, following the Dark Jedi. He ignored the shouts from below. After running for a few minutes he found a passage were cool wind was blowing through. Using the Force, he sensed Krigor took the passage. Jenos activated his lightsaber, knowing his opponent had the edge in the for Jenos unfamiliar area.
The second he stepped outside, a red lightsaber blade flashed towards him. Jenos quickly bashed his lightsaber up, blocking the incoming Vernuli.
Jenos quickly leaped over the surprised Dark Jedi and landed a few meters behind him. Krigor slowly turned around. In the sunlight, Jenos could clearly see the red glow of his eyes.
“Do you really believe we will be gone after this war, Jenos?”
Krigor looked at Jenos with an almost amused smile on his face.
“Maybe not…but knowing the light prevails is enough.”
Krigor started laughing maniacally.
“You don’t know, do you? You who has touched it doesn’t know!”
“What do I don’t know, idiot?” Jenos replied.
“We will NEVER be gone. Because we aren’t an order, organisation or army! Bogan is a believe, a feeling, a guideline and many things more. Every time you lose one of your precious Jedi to the so called ‘dark side,’ we welcome a new recruit. Every time someone in the galaxy who can touch the force gets angry, we have a new warrior at our side. Every time, EVERY TIME, a war rages people will turn. To us. Our power dos not lie in numbers, but in individual motivation and power.”
Krigor was still laughing like a madman.
“Nice little speech there, Vernulli. But Xoxaan is already on Corbos. The Jedi order is there too. Your leader will soon be a footnote on a gravestone, not the leader you speak of!”
Jenos entered his Makashi opening stance, and ran towards the maniacal Dark Jedi. Vernuli blocked his quick vertical strikes, answering them with hard horizontal slashes.
The two man ran across the surface of the planet, constantly blocking and striking at each other. None of the two left an opening in their defence as the duel raged on.
The two were now fighting at the top of a small cliff, with the entrance to the cave below. Sounds of hundreds of footsteps were coming towards them.
The two battled on, sparks flying anywhere. Suddenly, Jenos used the Force to push Krigor back. Krigor fell down in a hole in the ground. Jenos jumped down, with his lightsaber aimed down for Vernuli. The latter was just in time to use a force push himself, and threw Jenos out of the hole from mid-air. Jenos put his knew down and slided a few metres back across the surface. Krigor jumped out, with several wounds on his face.
“So, the stones back there didn’t like your face? Then I have something in common with them!” Jenos laughed.
“Still funny as always, Jenos? I thought you would be more of a challenge…but you disappoint me. You’re getting old!”
“At least I’ll get the chance to do so. You’ll die in a minute!”
The two ran towards each other, blades drawn. For a few minutes Jenos was capable of holding his ground. But soon after, Krigor pushed him back to the edge of the cliff again.
Krigor suddenly slashed down with all his power. Jenos could only block and hope for the best. Their lightsaber were locked!
Sparks flew around the two duellists, as they tried to overpower one other. Some of the Jedi were now standing at the entrance of the cave, looking in awe as the two went on.
With his eyes still focussed on the fearsome Dark Jedi, Jenos shouted:
“Status of the battle?”
One of the generals below, Master Fiyuun answered:
“We won the battle, Jenos. All the Dark Jedi are captured or incapacitated. Corbos awaits.”
“Good. Let me finish this.”
Without warning, Jenos let himself fall down the cliff. Krigor, still in a rage, jumped after him. Jenos used the Force to give him a safe landing, and with the little power he had left, bashed his lightsaber up, piercing an amazed Krigor Vernulli through the stomach.
“Smart move, idiot.”
“Oh, will you shut up?! Jenos drew his lightsaber back and beheaded Krigor. The battle for Ibrus C-3 was over.

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