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The Show must go on!
Simirac and Mil’c were present in the briefing room. With in front of them, an enraged Master Edriss’sa. The women’s hair waved up and down as she fired insults and threats at the two Jedi.
“How COULD you! No one asked you do explore those caves! You stole an unit and got them all killed!”
Master Edriss’sa pointed her finger at Simirac.
“Why? Why did you do this?”
Simirac looked at his companion next to him.
“Mainly because we were eager to find out about the enemies strength. All the Jedi are here, it’s a matter if time. Who knows what they have in stock for us?”
Master Edriss’sa sighed.
“We outnumber them two to one!”
“Is that including the animated death, Leviathans, Silan and Dark Jedi?”
Mil’c’s words were out before he realised what he had said.
“You little brat!”
Edriss’sa slapped him in the face.
“You know all to well this war is almost over! And you DARE to insult the ones responsible for ending the war?”
“I was under the illusion that the Jedi Knights and soldiers do the fighting, instead of the arrogant Masters in their tower!” Simirac responded.
“Carefull boy, anger leads to the…”
“Dark Side, and so does arrogance….”
Jenos of Tython entered the bunker. With battered armor, torn cape and wounded face.
“Ibrus C-3 has been conquered, Master. The enemy commander, Krigor Vernulli, is dead.”
Jenos sat down on a chair, looking at the two young Jedi.
“I was just busy confronting these two with their deeds, Master Jenos.” Edriss’sa smiled.
“What did they do, Grand Master?” Jenos asked, far too politely.
Edriss’sa fell for the charms.
“They explored an underground cave without orders, killing a squad of fine men and women. It was irresponsible, immature and dangerous!” Edriss’sa shouted.
“And…what did they do wrong, Master? Jenos asked.
“They…they…scouted without order, almost killing…” Edriss’sa stuttered.
“So we know where our enemy is. We know they are here, we know they are strong, we know they could spare enough men to go after a mere scout group.” Jenos replied.
“So much about outnumbering them two to one, Master.” Mil’c smiled.
“OUT! Get out of my sight, fools!” The old master raged.
The two young Jedi walked out, while Jenos remained, sitting in the chair.
“You are making the same mistake again. We Jedi are so proud of our power, our status. But we are mortal. What will they think about over hundred years?” Jenos asked.
“They will hear about strong leaders that ended a terrible conflict.” Edriss’sa replied.
“No word about the soldiers, the knights, the casualties?” Jenos asked, while standing up.
“History only remembers survivors and heroes…sorry Jenos.” Edriss’sa calmly said.
“Then we are done here. I will lead my company once more…but after this, it’s over! I’m SICK of this arrogance! I’ve seen people die at Ibrus C-3. I have survived. But I led those knights into battle! I was the first to kill a Dark Jedi in the battle! That’s how leaders should be! Not afraid to die or see their legacy lost!” Jenos shouted.
He then walked out of the bunker, finding Simirac and Mil’c waiting for him.
“What’s up boys?” Jenos asked.
“Well…we’d just like to thank you. We just did what we thought was right.” Simirac replied.
“I know. That’s why you guys will be good Jedi Masters some day.” Jenos smiled.
“What was that all about, Master?” Mil’c asked.
Jenos sighed: “It’s an old discussion, really. It basically comes down to this: What do we do with the powers the Force has granted us? Do we use it for control and peace, or only for the necessary things in life? Do we massively use the force to fight our wars of send out single Jedi who also help the beggars in the streets?”
Simirac looked at Jenos. “I think it’s…unreasonable to say we aren’t stronger then the average citizen of the Republic. But…more important? No. I don’t think so.”
Mil’c replied: “But most of the wars in the past had Jedi winning the battles for the Republic. We have become some kind of army. Maybe it’s necessary to have such an army ready?”
The three walked across the central grounds of the base, going for the barracks.
Jenos was about to enter the private bunker next to the general barracks when Mil’c padded him on the shoulder.
“What should we do then, master?” He asked.
“I think…we should disarm. Lose the armour, lose the status of an army. And instead become a sort of…paladins of justice, half police half diplomat, for the Republic as whole. And you, Mil’c?”
Mil’c smiled: “Being a diplomat sounds better then the poodoo we’re in right now. Sleep tight, Master.” And Mil’c entered the barracks, following Simirac.

That night, Jenos couldn’t sleep. Although the bath did him good, the wounds of the strange technique were still painful and most of his bones hurt of the fight he had with Vernulli. When he finally fell asleep, he saw several shady figures standing next to each other in what appeared to be a huge cave.
He couldn’t clearly see their faces. In fact, only the shape of their body was visible. And they didn’t notice him. Suddenly, one tall and muscled man started talking….

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