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“Well…Milros, what did you find?”
A hooded person answered the question.
“They are here with a huge army. And the base at Ibrus C-3 is lost.”
The tall, muscled shade seemed to think a few seconds before asking the next question:
“And…Ajunta? What did you find out?”
One of the smaller shadowy shapes answered:
“My Lord Xoxaan, we found a patrol. It was led by two young Knights. Only the two leaders, the knights, escaped but we killed the rest!”
The tall figure sighed.
“How many times…I think this side of the Force is not good for you, Ajunta! You are becoming unstable! Remember we only follow this path because we want action. But action doesn’t equal cruelty and random violence.”
The man called Ajunta backed of, obviously ashamed.
“And now….”
A blinding light flashed through the cave and everything turned white. The figures disappeared.
Jenos stood there in emptiness. All of a sudden, a figure appeared out of nothing with another blinding flash behind him. Jenos couldn’t see it’s face nor it’s clothes.
With a low voice, it started talking:

"…And in the time of greatest despair, there shall come a savior, and he shall be known as THE SON OF THE SUNS."

And Jenos woke up. Bathing in sweat. He couldn’t believe what he had seen. Was his vision happening at THIS time? Where they talking about the patrol of Simirac and Mil’c?
And that thing afterwards? What was it? What’s a ‘Son of suns?’ Was it some kind of alien? Or all powerful being? A god? He didn’t know. He didn’t want to know. Only the first vision was important. There were at least 4 or 5 Dark Jedi in that room. Leaders. And Xoxaan! The Lord himself! If there were so many commanders…what size would their army be?
Someone familiar entered his room. He could feel it. This would be…

The next morning, all Jedi generals were send into the main bunker, where master Edris’ssa would give them a short briefing for the upcoming week.
Jenos was there was well, together with Simirac.
“Why did you want me to come, Master?” He asked.
Jenos looked at the young man.
“I believe you should be a part of this too. We’ll get to your story in a minute.”
When all the generals were inside, Jenos used the Force to shut the bunker door and started talking.
“Several days ago, this young Knight named Simirac scouted the area west of us for any signs of enemy activity. And what they found wasn’t good. Not good at all.”
He made a gesture, meaning Simirac could finish the story.
“Well…we found…officers in there. And they killed my entire squad, save me and a friend.”
General Lap-Lans interrupted the young Jedi:
“Where did you encounter these soldiers? We’d like to know a location…”
“Oh…yes…of course…it was two miles to the west…near a small canyon. In a large, no, gigantic cave system. They’re very close.” Simirac replied.
Suddenly, everyone was talking. The news shook everybody up. How could they have come so close? How long was this tunnel system this Jedi spoke of?
All of a sudden, a young woman raised her hand. It was Nada. The room fell silent.
“I believe that we should try to end this. It has been almost one hundred years. Three generations of Jedi have been raised in war. It’s time for a generation of Jedi that isn’t. We should not avoid this fight, nor should we go in there with the plan of creating a bloodbath.
We should just…do it.”
Several Jedi nodded in agreement. And shouts as “Spoken like a true Jedi” and “Yes, let’s get on with it!” were common words from the younger Knights and Masters that minute.
Then, like waking form her sleep, Grand Master Edriss’sa stood up.
“Young Jedi…you spoke with courage. But why courage if we can, let’s speak military here, we can bombard these fallen fools to death? No Jedi has to die.” Now the older Jedi nodded in agreement.
“Because,” Simirac answered, “it wouldn’t be fun. They never denied us a fight.”
Master Edriss’sa just smiled. “War has changed you, my very young Knight, you should realise…”
Nada interrupted the Grand Master: “You just think that the old Jedi are better, don’t you? You think we were promoted far to early since the war needed us. Well, let me tell you something. It’s true many padawans were promoted recently, including me after the battle of Ibris C-3, since this war is coming to an end. It’s, however, not true that we aren’t skilled. Many of the young Jedi here were with Master Jenos at Corbis I-3 when Krigor got beaten! We aren’t exactly equipped with diapers and teddy-gungans, so to speak!”
But, to Nada’s surprise, none of the young Jedi were nodding and applauding. They were all looking at Master Jenos. Still relatively young, but not old enough for the council. And a bridge between generations.
“I…think…” Jenos started “that we should give both parties what they want. Let us ‘young’ people attack the Dark Jedi. The elder masters can provide air support and ready the bombardment Master Edriss’sa mentioned. If we fail (like you probably suspect, he thought) you can still bombard the place.”
General Lap-Lans, the older General started the discussion once more:
“I believe Master Jenos is right. Our feeling about the younger generation could be nothing more then the depression of war hitting is oldies. Why net give them the chance to prove so?”
Everyone in the room nodded or whispered to each other. Slowly focussing on Master Edriss’sa, who would give her verdict.
“It’s settled then. Master Jenos, are you up to the task of leading the Knights into enemy territory, eliminating or otherwise capture Xoxaan, Adjunta Pal and other officers?”
All the eyes were aimed at Jenos, including Nada’s. Could he…no…NO!
“I…will lead the Jedi one last time, yes.” The old Grand Master was looking right through him, not having forgot their last ‘conversation’ about Jedi ethics.
“There are some conditions, however. You will get the plan tomorrow. I now need three volunteers to come with me. I have a little idea that needs the army to split in four groups.”
Several Jedi raised their hand. The Bothan Jedi Lap-Lans raised his hand as well, along with Simirac and Nada. The others weren’t very familiar to him.
“Right. General Lap-Lans, Simirac. I welcome you aboard. And Nada, you too.” Hiding the terrible feeling that was slumbering in his gut when seeing her.

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