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Preparations (1)
Something wasn’t right, Jenos thought. All were here….he could feel the other three transports. One was led by Simirac, one by Nada, one by Lap-Lans, one by himself and Mil’c. He became quite fond of the young knight in the days before, the days filled with planning and discussions. But he couldn’t shake the feeling he was going to lose it all. That the powers the enemy possessed were greater than theirs.

In a few minutes he and the group led by Lap-Lans would enter the right above the presumed underground base. Right before flying in, an aimed orbital bombardment would weaken the stone enough to show it’s underlying tunnel system. And show the way to the base.
They had all agreed there was no way to scout this. They had a close feeling to where the base was, but no lay-out of the base. It would be a big surprise. And some risk.

Several miles away, Simirac was meditating in his transport as well. His first big assignment since his promotion to knight. His skills were unquestioned…only his maturity.
His mission was simple though. Enter the cave he went in before and slay everything coming towards them, which were possibly the fleeing dark Jedi and soldiers from the battle Jenos led. It was easy. A fleeing enemy. Together with Nada. No problem.

Nada was at ease. She knew Jenos would want to protect her, but was amazed he had let her lead a group into battle. They had been together for years. But constantly separated as Jenos was needed elsewhere. She knew it was forbidden to love as a Jedi, but still…

Main group:
All four ships landed on the same time. Jenos and Lap-Lans led their Jedi out into the now revealed tunnel system. The first soldiers were already running out and Jenos slowly deflected all blaster bolts back to them. These weren’t the people they were after. He aimed the bolts back to the legs and arms of the attackers, not willing to kill them.
Behind him, Bayel was easily fending off the attacks, talking with Mil’c who was fighting beside him. Jenos had never expected Bayel to come along as well. He was so well-connected with the older masters! He would probably be a council member if he had followed their plans. It brought a smile to his face. Some Jedi still had honour. The honour to fight one on one with an opponent. To meet an equal in battle.
The Jedi grouped together around Jenos, who knew it was time for his signature battle encouragements.
“Several days ago, I said we only had two battles left to fight! This is the last one! Today, we DO write history. A young generation of Jedi can END it all! Do you need more encouragement? I think not! Show those old Bantha’s above us what you’re made of and we might see each other on the high council…or in the netherworld of the Force. Either one, we WILL meet again!” And with thunderous shouts, the Jedi poured into the tunnel systems, like ants into their holes. Lap-Lans just smiled. “Old Bantha’s….I’m a Bothan you know! And the ‘old’ part isn’t right either!”

Second group:
Simirac and Nada were waiting near their ships. They waited for Jenos to give the signal. Then the enemy defence would be attacked from two sides and would seem more menacing.
“We got the green light!” Nada screamed. She was near the communications relay. “All right brothers and sisters!” Simirac shouted. All Jedi surrounded him. “I know we have a tough battle to fight out there. I wish you all the best of luck! One way or the other, we WILL meet again. One last thing. Last one that’s down in the tunnel is a Kowakian monkey-lizard!”
The Jedi ran into the tunnels, laughing.

Main Group:
Jenos was fighting his way through hordes of animated bodies and other dark-side spawns. His coordination was strengthened by general Lap-Lans, an expert of Battle meditation and other support techniques. Which was the main reason for letting him lead the second group. And his skill would come in handy when the main group would split up once more.
Jenos belt communicator went of, signalling that Simirac had entered his side of the tunnel system as well. His group would split too.
“General?” Mil’c asked, “This is honestly not the time for your mother to call us.”
Jenos laughed out loud, slicing through another animated dead.
“It was actually your mother. You seem to have forgotten something.” Jenos replied whilst duelling a dark Jedi, one of the few around.
“No diaper jokes Master Jenos, you know I’m 23 years old already.” The young man replied whilst dodging incoming blaster bolts.
Jenos grinned: “No, she was referring to your underwear. You should switch more often, you know.”
“I KNEW I smelled something funny the way up here!” Bayel shouted from afar, whilst beheading a Leviathan.
“No, that was just you!” Mil’c replied, laughing.

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