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Preparations (2)
Jenos and his comrades rushed through the tunnels. After their previous skirmishes, nothing else had happened. Strangely enough, he began to feel restless. Something was wrong here.
Several shouts from the rear grabbed his attention. He gestured a halt and moved to the back of the group, through lines of Jedi.
He saw Bayel and Lap-Lans standing over a small hole in the ground. Approaching it, he could already see the cold fear on the young faces. Whatever it was, it wasn’t good.
He then realised what was wrong. He saw none of the Jedi were moving. In fact, none seemed to see him. And all of a sudden, a raspy low voice started talking. In Jenos head…

Second group:
Simirac slowly turned off his lightsaber. The yellow blade slowly withdrew into the cold metal. He had just fought his way through twelve or thirteen soldiers, nothing more. It was the first battle his and Nada’s group had seen since they had entered the tunnels. Something wasn’t right. Simirac’s team was supposed to draw in further, while Nada’s team was supposed to stay a bit behind, guarding the ship and entrance. But…they didn’t see any action! And Nada hadn’t either. Almost as if the Dark Jedi weren’t after them…

Main Group:“Master Jenos. I applaud your conviction. Taking an army of Jedi into the Depths of Corbos. It’s not very Jedi-ish, so to speak. But take a look down the hole first.”
Jenos did. He didn’t feel comfortable in this…sterile…strange…situation… he despised these eerie ‘dark side’ techniques. Just like the technique with the lightning that hit him on Ibris. The wound were still there!
He slowly walked towards the hole.
Several hundred feet below he could see a bunch of dark shapes in the shadow. A moment later, all torches in the now visible giant cave below were lit.
And they showed an army. An army of Jedi, Leviathans, Zombies…even a Silan to the back of the cave, apparently tamed and chained. They numbered at least hundreds. Maybe even a thousand. And Jenos had only 250 Jedi with him. Nada and Simirac had the other 250 of the total army. And to his shock, he realised his plan wouldn’t work. Lap-Lans’ group was supposed to split during the raid and search for Xoxaan, Ajunta Pall and other military leaders, whilst Jenos would lead the main battle. Now he saw all those leaders were already down there, expecting a confrontation.
“You see, Master Jenos. There is honour in the way you fight. You wanted to meet us face to face. And you shall have the chance to do so. The others at the entrance shall not be harmed. This is between the leaders of this war.” The raspy voice claimed.
“I don’t suppose you like to introduce yourself? Or explain how you are doing this?” Jenos quipped.
“Giving in to your emotions is a pathway to many abilities the Jedi consider to be…unusual. You could say I froze time…or created a vacuum. But that’s not important right now. I offer you a chance. To walk away.”
Jenos laughed. “No. I see you already have quit the numbers on your side. Do you care to surrender yourself?”
“It’s settled then. If you walk past the next corridor, you will find a ramp that leads you down. We will be waiting. Farewell, Jenos of Tython.”
All of a sudden, the vacuum disappeared.
“Look Jenos, it’s a huge army! What…” Mil’c said.
“And we will fight it. They are waiting for us. Waiting for a chance to face their equals.” Jenos replied.
Lap-Lans nodded: “He contacted you, didn’t he? It’s good you held your own. This fact doesn’t make this a suicide mission. Just a bit harder.”
“…with a high probability of death.” One of the Jedi behind sighed.
“We will fight. No-one ever said this would be a walk in the park!” Jenos shouted. He marched to the front once more, his cape waving behind him. The group followed.

Second group:
“Did you feel THAT?” A Zabrak Jedi asked.
“Holy Hsssis. This is big. They have revealed themselves!” Simirac sighed.
He felt the sudden appearance of the enormous army. And the army four times as small that was going to face it. Jenos didn’t stand a chance. He reached out and tried to contact Nada.
“Nada! I feel Master Jenos is in trouble. Although I can only give him about a hundred Jedi, it might turn the tide. Can I go?”
“The council doesn’t approve, Simirac. They say you…have to withdraw in case they…have to bombard the cave?! Are they insane?” Nade was shouting through the communicator now.
“They say they feel it’s too risky to send in another patrol. Jenos has to do this himself.”
Simirac felt cold inside, like stone hitting his stomach.
“Nada…I am going after him.”
He opened his eyes. All the Jedi were looking at him.
“Allright. I just got word all the Dark Jedi are awaiting us. The council says we should wait and let Master Jenos deal with it. While he’s outnumbered four to one. I say we rush to their aid. We learned to use the force for speed for a reason. I think this must be it.”
He looked around. Looking at the faces of his brothers and sisters in arms.
“So bottom line is…who’s with me?”

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