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Finale (1)
This fight was hard. All around him were people dying.
To Jenos left, a young Jedi was stabbed through the chest by an enemy. He quickly leaped forward and sliced the opponent in two from shoulder to waist.
Half an hour ago they engaged in battle. There weren’t many casualties in that first hour, but they were mounting now.
Chaos was everywhere. Leviathans, Zombies, dark Jedi were running everywhere, followed by or fighting with Jedi. He had slain about ten dark Jedi himself. But the Leviathan storming towards him now was different. In a reflex amongst the chaos, he could just avoid the beast half. He felt the burning sensation of broken bones in his left arm. His ribs weren’t feeling fantastic either. He slowly got back on his feet, switching his lightsaber to his right hand. The Leviathan made a turn and was coming straight for Jenos once more. At the best moment, Jenos rolled aside and stabbed the beast in the gut. It didn’t rise from it’s feet.
But Jenos didn’t feel well. His left arm was hurting terribly and he almost couldn’t breath.
Luckily, Mil’c came to his aid. He grabbed the wounded Master by the waist and dragged him away from the centre of the battle.
The young Jedi opened his robes and drew a little package from it. He slowly removed Jenos arm guard and started opening the package. It included a bright blue salve.
“It’s a substance called Bacta, sir. It’s much stronger then that stupid Kolto. Although sir, it’s quit hard to come by…”
Jenos felt the warm feeling was drawing away from his arm, making place for a cold sensation now. His ribs still felt sore, but they seemed to be better as well. Combined with his healing trance, he might actually be capable to continue fighting with both his hands, ignoring the pain.
But then, a red sparkly light emitted from the chest of the young Jedi. Behind him stood a large figure. It was Xoxaan. With Ajunta Pall right behind him. Behind them was a trail of bodies.
He withdrew his lightsaber as the boy fell towards Jenos. Jenos leapt up and grabbed the young boy by the waist. Mil’c whispered something in Jenos’ ear:
“It…was an honour…fighting with you sir….show them what you’ve got…”
Mil’c’s eyes closed. Jenos laid him down and grabbed his lightsaber, but to his left, hell broke loose!

Simirac rushed forward with all his power, followed by his complete battalion of Jedi. The surprised dark Jedi were flanked and their casualties were mounting. To his right, he saw Jenos lay someone down. He knew it was Mil’c. Without hesitation, he changed his way to the right, cutting everything down on his path. He saw Jenos was already engaging the two fearsome enemies. He was amazed by Jenos’ proficiency with Makashi. The two dark Jedi had a hard time defending themselves.
But Simirac knew Jenos couldn’t hold this forever. He felt Jenos was already tired, now only fuelled by the death of Mil’c.
Trying to rush to the old man’s aid, he found Bayel, with several burn wound on his arms, fighting of two Dark Jedi. With a swift horizontal stroke he eliminated one of them and continued his run. Behind him, he could hear Bayel shout ‘Thank you.’

Jenos felt the pain return to his left arm. Although the substance had done it’s work, he needed much more of it. He did feel the bones were connected again though.
Xoxaan was giving all he got, with heavy vertical blows aimed for Jenos’ chest. Behind and around him Ajunta Pall was protecting his superior from being stabbed accidentally or falling under friendly fire.
“So this is how it works, Xoxaan? Have others do your dirty work?”
The tall figure dealt a sideways blow which Jenos easily parried before answering:
“No Jenos. It’s not a ‘Dark’ way as you like to call it. It’s about taking opportunities. Do you sense corruption in me?”
Jenos made a signature Makashi forward stab before slowly reaching out.
His opponent was right. This one felt different then Krigor Vernulli. Or, for that matter, Ajunta Pall, the man behind him! What an…intense hatred!
“Your followers don’t seem to have the amount of control you seem to have, Xoxaan!”
Jenos spun around aiming for Xoxaan’s shoulder. Xoxaan parried, but a bit too late. Jenos sabre touched the metal and Xoxaan let out a cry of pain before launching Jenos away with a Force Wave. Jenos was knocked out cold by the stone wall.

Bayel instantly felt it. Jenos was unconscious! Several metres in front him was Simirac, fighting his way towards Xoxaan. Ajunta Pall now made himself loose of his Master, staring at Bayel.
Bayel kicked his opponent against the shin and quickly stabbed the women through the chest.
Before him, the Jedi seemed to realise one of the most feared opponents was coming for Bayel. They pushed all their opponents away and attacked Ajunta Pall.
Bayel could feel the young man tapping into the Dark side. The determination and control their leaders, like Xoxaan, had wasn’t there. He had respected the opinion of the followers of this path. But this was no opinion but pure aggression! Without control, the followers of this Bogan became monsters! He hadn’t sensed it before, but almost every enemy in her had the stench of corruption around them.
A Rodian Jedi rushed towards Pall, flourishing his blade. Pall simply lifted his right hand and the Rodian hung in the air, grasping for air. Pall then slowly walked towards him, stabbing his lightsaber through the Jedi at point blank range. A second Jedi, a female Twilek, responded in rage and leaped towards the Dark Jedi, who severed her while she was still airborne.
A male Zabrak (who had been with them at their first fight with the Silan) held out a little bit longer, but was ultimately beheaded. Now ten Jedi made themselves loose of their opponents and all ran towards the murderer.
Pall aimed his fingers at the first few. Sparks emitted from his fingers and the first four Jedi fell down, dead. The six survivors all avoided the next wave of lightning. Pall then closed his eyes. The lightsaber of a women was suddenly ripped from her hand and stabbed two comrades in the back before killing it’s own wielder.
Bayel, shell-shocked, now made his way for the dark Jedi as well. The man had killed ten Jedi in the blink of an eye! Even from this distance he could see the yellow gaze of Ajunta’s eyes.

Simirac sensed the fear in Bayel. He sent him a small message through the Force: “Stand firm, you can do this!”
He then raced for the unconscious body of Jenos, prepared to defend it to the death, even against someone as strong as Xoxaan.
He saw Xoxaan closing in. Simirac quickly stabbed an enemy Leviathan in half, before leaping up and landing right in front of Xoxaan, only a few metres away from Jenos.

“Ah. The knight who defies a Master. You’re noble, but let me pass. This is a thing between Masters, young one.” Xoxaan spoke.
“I’d say ‘over my dead body’ but that’s something you were planning anyways, so you’ll get to choose between ‘Bugger of, Batha fodder’ or ‘Go tickle a Hutt.’ Choice is yours.” Simirac replied.
“If your skills with a lightsaber are as good as your insults, you’ll make a fine kill!”

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