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Finale (2)
Two knights had already fallen. Only General Lap-Lans and Bayel were now fighting Ajunta Pall. The Dark Jedi who had just made twelve combat kills in little under a minute.
Lap-Lans was greatly improving the battle morale in the cave with his skills. A battle stat started as 4:1 was now about 2:1. And Simirac had come with reinforcements!
But if Lap-Lans died…the odds would be worse…
He changed his fighting style a bit, to draw Pall to him. The enraged opponent fell for it and left Lap-Lans to his left, only deflecting Lap-Lans slashes.
He silently sent a message through the Force: “Lap-Lans, get out of here. Your battle meditation is needed!”
Suddenly Pall turned around an slashed the Bothan master in half. The master fell down with a huge gash on his stomach. Eyes wide open, his last words were “Get him…Bayel…”

Simirac felt it too. The sudden loss of motivation amongst the Jedi ranks. It could only mean one thing: The death of Master Lap-Lans. But before his focus turned on Xoxaan, the tall man had already dealt the first horizontal blow. Simirac rolled backwards, smelling the scorched his scorched hair. “Too close for comfort!” he thought.
He responded with a frontal stab, deflected by Xoxaan, followed by a spin. Xoxaan easily deflected these.
Simirac threw in a series of Force pushes to keep Xoxaan busy. He then clicked one of the buttons on his lightsaber to increase the length of his blade a bit. Against such a long and strong opponent, distance was everything!
A series of flourishes got him back into his starting position. Xoxaan already responded with a very high horizontal slash. Far too high! Simirac knew this was his chance. He duck down an pushed his sabre into Xoxaan’s stomach…but the blade shut down!
“An exotic material called Cortosis, kid. Poisonous, that’s why I wear it as an overlay and not as gauntlet. You see? Every day you learn. But your school is out.”
With a powerful vertical strike Xoxaan was ready to end another life, but a green lightsaber blocked it’s path. It was Jenos:
“But the teacher says this student has to stay in school a bit longer!”

Bayel lifted his arms in hopes of blocking the flurry of blows. Thirteen Jedi had been slain by this monster, and he wouldn’t like to become number fourteen. Their sabres crossed, when all of a sudden, he received an order telepathically…this…what?

Simirac and Jenos were now facing Xoxaan. The tall figure was tired, having fought the two for a long period of time. He never expected to face the two without the help of Ajunta.
All of a sudden, Jenos and the other knight held back.
All around him, the Jedi quit fighting. He quickly send the order to the Sith to stop fighting too.
Jenos strengthened his voice by the Force:

“In name of the Galactic Republic, Jedi Order and free people of the galaxy, I ask for the unconditional surrender of the Dark Jedi. You have fought brave. But there are….about a thousand Jedi bombers in orbit right now, receiving the last instructions to take this place down. You will be killed.”
Xoxaan couldn’t believe his ears:
“But…so will you! The Jedi will kill their own men!”
“Not exactly…do you surrender, Xoxaan?”

From a distance, Bayel and Ajunta were listening, still with blades drawn.
“You can’t do this, Jedi. We promised you an honest fight! And you repay us THIS way?” Ajunta shouted.
“Desperate times call for desperate measures. But know that you created these despereate times by causing this shischm!” Jenos replied.

“DO YOU SURRENDER?” Jenos asked, for the last time.
“Never.” Xoxaan answered.

That was the sign for the bombers to bomb the surface of the cave. Stones fell down, the ceiling collapsed. Every Jedi and Dark Jedi was trying to get to safety or to avoid the debris. Following the debris, Nada flew in with the transport, together with Simirac’s original transport, now piloted by someone from her own crew.
The ships landed in the middle of the now arena like battleground and started pouring Jedi in.
The fresh Jedi from Nada’s group jumped out, safeguarding their comrades. The Dark Jedi, enraged, targeted the ships but the debris and Jedi wouldn’t let them. Amongst the debris, Jenos and Simirac waited.
“You know you have to go, Simirac.” Jenos said.
“I know sir. I felt it. Nada is…” Simirac replied.
“Yes. And a young man should help her through this. Not an old coot like me. I have to stay here. Xoxaan WILL attack the ships when he has the chance and you know I’m the only one here capable of stopping him.” Jenos responded.
“But sir…what if…” Simirac tried.
“Do or do not, Simirac. There is no such thing as trying.” Jenos quipped. “May the force be with you, Master Simirac. I recon these extraordinary events here will get you into the council real quickly. Make a better universe.”
With those words, Jenos sprinted away through the debris, on his way for Xoxaan and possibly, Ajunta Pall.
Simirac ran for the ship with Nada and saw Nada near one of the doors, helping wounded Jedi in.
“Where is he?” She asked him.
“He’s…not coming Nada. He tells me…we need to…” A sad Simirac answered.
“No…no…NO! I’m going after him!” Nada tried to jump out of the vehicle, but Simirac pushed her back.
“No. This is his choice. We have to respect it. I’ll stay here to defend the ship. You can continue to load in the wounded.”

From orbit, Edriss’sa could see the council members and masters make their way to the planet. She had to admit; the young Jedi and Jenos had made a fine last stand on Corbos. One worthy of the Jedi cause. It seemed the Jedi morals and ethics had been adapted by this new generation of Jedi as well. Her fears were finally pushed aside. Finally this war would end and the Jedi could rebuild. And some of the knights below would make excellent Masters and council members for the future. For the first time in years, a smile sired her face. Jenos had convinced her. He would be invited for the council as soon as possible.

Jenos saw the tall figure of Xoxaan gesturing for the ships. Several of his followers tried to rush for the ships but were held down by the fresh Jedi sent in by Nada.
“XOXAAN! This isn’t finished!”
Xoxaan turned around, Ajunta Pall beside him.
All the dark Jedi turned around looking at Jenos. His distraction, or opportunity for the dark Jedi to slay a Jedi Master, worked.
In a split second, all Jedi jumped aboard the ships. The doors closed. Only a handful of mostly older Jedi remained behind. Those who wanted to make this final stand.
Now 10:1 outnumbered. To safeguard the rest of the order.
From the corner of his eye, Jenos saw the face of Nada in the main seat of the transport, her face full of tears. He blinked and sent her one last message through the Force:
“You will always be loved. I will be there.”
He then turned his eyes on the Dark Jedi:
“Today, we die! Today, we show those bastards who’s BEST!” Jenos shouted. All Jedi engaged the huge group of shocked dark Jedi.
In the middle Bayel and Jenos duelled Xoxaan and Ajunta Pall. Blue and red blades flashed, all knowing it would end in minutes.

The masters were on the planet, making their way for the coordinates now. They saw the two transport ships coming their way. All communications fell silent as every Master realised what sacrifice the Jedi had made. Deep respect for the young Jedi who had given their life. Silence was the only appropriate thing.

Jenos felt the bombers were seconds away. With all his might, he engaged Xoxaan one last time. Aiming for Xoxaans lightsaber, he slashed the tool in half. And pushed Xoxaan into a wall. He needed time now!
He then rushed for the middle of the building.
With all his might, he pushed the Jedi to the sides of the arena shaped crater. And then, while on his knees, drained of power, drew all the dark Jedi towards him. With his last ounce of strength, he sent the incoming bombers a message:
“Aim for the middle.”

And the bombers did.

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