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The Jedi stood around the few prisoners. The last days had been hard. As casualties reports came in, everyone had at least one comrade to mourn for. And now, it was day of judgement.
Edriss’sa stood before the chained prisoners who were ripped of their weapons and armour, only clad in standard clothing now. Edriss’sa took the word:
“Although many of your kind have died in the battle for Corbos, some of you still live. Some of the more…coward like, I might add.” looking at Ajunta Pall and Xoxaan, who had pushed their own comrades away at the last moment so they could get hold of the wall and stay alive.
“Anyways. On this day, I have a rule to follow. Jedi don’t kill their prisoners. Jenos understood this and destroyed as much of you as he could. All Jedi did. Now you escape through a, as you would call it, ‘flaw’ we Jedi have. We care.”
All the Jedi around bowed their heads. They knew this was the only way. They couldn’t kill defenceless prisoners without touching the dark side. What Edriss’sa did was the right choice.
“And thus,” Edriss’sa continued, “You shall be banished from known space. We have prepared one of these vehicles. You will go aboard. And we have programmed it to crash-land as for to the Unknown Regions as possible. There you will find the solitude to rethink your deeds. And hopefully die there alone.”

-2 years later-

Simirac and Nada were walking through the temple corridors. Nada had a small child on her arm. An ‘adopted child’ with the name of Jessir. They ‘found him’ on the temple steps. Soon afterwards, Master Nada had returned from her ‘ one year vacation’ and asked the council permission to raise the incredible force sensitive child. Seen that Nada found her rest after the death of her former master, they allowed it, with Simirac strongly voting for it. And since the baby had to have a name, they decided to name it after one of their famous Masters. Jenos of Tython. No-one objected. They must have felt the child was related to Jenos. But how?
And so, now one year later, the two Jedi and Jessir of Tython were walking down the temple corridors.
“You know they will find out eventually, Nada.”
“I know, I’m planning to leave the order when he’s old enough.” She looked at Simirac.
“Because I know there’s a very nice and strong Master waiting for him. To support him an teach him the ways of his family.” A tear slowly made his way over her cheek.
Simirac looked at her.
“You know you can always have contact with him once he’s older. We will…we can…”
He held out his finger and softly picked away the teardrop.
Nada looked him straight in the eyes.
“And that’s why Jenos knew you would be a Master. You’re everything he ever was.”
Simirac grinned.
“Except for the fact that I’m funnier.”

Datapad Entry:
Ah. Here you see the birth of the Sith. They crash landed on Korriban, bred with the original Sith species and became ready to overthrow the Jedi and Republic time and time again.
Did the Jedi make a mistake? Probably. Did they do the right thing? Absolutely. And that leaves us with the question: What if the Sith had won? Would they show the same mercy? We can only guess. Or better, read the next story. It’s all about Sith mercy…
Jenos of Tython is still remembered. A statue of him is erected in the temple I’m in right now actually. I just hope the clone troopers leave it alone.
Nada’s statue is one of the lost twenty busts in the library. After the council found out about the child, they were actually very mild. She expected to be exiled. But her and Simirac’s plan was good enough. She just went back to her home world, waiting for her child to become an adult and visit her.
But she refused to take up her laser word again though. A Jedi in her own right, a shining beacon for the people of Naboo. The council nevertheless created a statue for her. Since only great Jedi masters leave the order as a sacrifice.
And Simirac? Who doesn’t know him. Your typical legendary council member. He’s a standard subject of Jedi history for our students here and an inspiration for us all.

But of course. This is only one of the stories that tie is back to Tython. As you could read, the family name survived and continued to be strong. Although…strong?

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Author notes:
I tried my best to create this ‘old’ universe. But halfway through, I already realized I had failed at one point: the humor. That’s when I wrote Simirac and Mil’c in, for comic relief. I hope the last chapters reflected that. George Lucas himself always made sure there was comic relief in a droid form (HK-47, 3PO, Proxy). I’ll keep that in mind for Part 2 of this trilogy. Which will take place in a time we all know too well. Speaking of HK-47…

Thanks for reading and your support!

PS: I’m eagerly awaiting responses. I’m still learning to get the hang of writing. But help is always appreciated!

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