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OK, I just played another game, and I have to say: The main problem with this mod is that everything is so slow.
In a normal space battle, it takes five minutes until your units come within firing range of the enemy base. Five minutes! And that's in fast mode. The last time I saw ROTJ, it took the rebel fleet about 30 seconds to come close to the death star from their entry point, and that wasn't a shprt distance. I would at least double all unit speeds, better triple.
Also, laser damage ist still far too low. I mean, in ESB the rebels were actually worried that a Star Destroyer could destroy their transports - in PR they would be laughing at that thought. A troop transport (or about any other ship for that matter) can easily fly past 3+ Star Destroyers at close range without taking any hull damage. A SD and a MC can bombard each other for five minutes without either one taking any significant shield damage - I mean, when an Acc und a SD shoot together at a MC, the Acc's torpedos finish it off before its shields are down (that still takes a pretty long time though)
Also, consider that in a normal EAW game, the construction of the death star was a pretty rare sight; the game was usually over before one player could spend 20.000 credits and 5 minutes of time for one unit. Now consider that almost all researches (not upgrades) and all dreadnoughts take about 3-10 times that time and money.
The only way I see a dreadnought in a game ATM is
a)when the AI cheats and insta-builds it
b)when it's already there from the beginning or
c)when I get bored and build one for fun and to see what it looks like after I've made sure I win the game

I'm certain that the whole gameplay experience ( and "realism" for that matter) would improve greatly if everything was just sped up a little - ATM there are just too many minutes the player can do more or less nothing but sit there and watch his units complete a certain task that just takes another five minutes.

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