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Originally Posted by Astor_Kaine View Post
Umm... you do realise that that was the first lightsaber duel to grace our screens? I think you can forgive Lucas and co for not knowing exactly how to do a fight like that.

If anything, many of the fights in the PT are pitiful - they often go on too long, and some are quite ludicrous. There's a bit in Episode III where Anakin and Obi-Wan spend half a minute twirling their lightsabers in front of each other without doing anything.
I completely agree.

The fights have just gotten flashier and flashier with higher speed film and special effects. If anything, the first lightsaber duel (New Hope) was the most realistic.

Before I had even finished reading your post, my thoughts went to that silly lightsaber twirling in Ep III. I mean, it sounds cool, it looks kinda cool, but it's pointless. In a real world fight, the first one to put a sword behind his own back would be the first dead fighter.

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