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No more special editions please. Yes, I've seen a certain fan edit that blows Lucas' attempts (from 1997 and 2004) away, but I prefer the originals. I'd rather see a restored original (cleaned up picture and sound, all original theatrical soundtracks available, etc), on DVD and hi def, than YET ANOTHER SE. But rumor has it that Lucas is planning another SE, and it was only a percieved lack of demand that stopped him from releasing one for the 30th anniversary (back in May). The 3D Star Wars theatrical release was also delayed indefinately for reasons of technology.

But I say, if Lucas wants to keep toying with Star Wars, I would much rather he remade the originals, actually remade them... new script, reshoot, new actors... than do endless "special editions" that modify the original movies. Release a pristine quality set of the theatrical originals on the home formats and let it be. I don't understand why he can't just do these classic movies justice...

PS: Yes, I did hear the news that they're doing a remake of "Highlander." And no, I don't have high hopes for it, with all the crap the franchise has had to deal with in the last twenty years...

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