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Welcome to yet another chapter, I was a bit tired when I wrote the bulk of this, so please point out any mistakes I have made. Thanks

Chapter 4 - The Dark Jedi...

Somebody get me through this nightmare, I can’t control myself.
The trip to Tatooine was a long and uneventful one, Revan and Juhani spent the entire trip in silence, Revan still feeling the scars of his loss. Revan, had gotten very little sleep, and dozed off into a deep slumber...

“Revan, you’re hallucinating, it’s all a dream, wake up and see for yourself, your pain is fake, but more real than you could ever imagine. Open your eyes, see the world, see the truth, see what you’ve been longing to see, only to see it slip through your hands, as your world darkens around you, as you feel the true pain of what is really the end.”

“Revan,” It was only Juhani, “We’re here.” They stepped out of their relatively cramped shjip, and stretched their legs and back as they were greeted by a friendly Ithorian
“What, do you Ithorians own Spaceports or something?” Revan asked, realizing they are always greeted by an Ithorian.
“I’m going to assume that’s a joke and carry on, the planet is in Civil War, and is a very dangerous place right now, I suggest you stay within the city walls, and not wander into the desert, where then war is raging. And I also need the sum of one hundred credits.” They handed over the credits and walked into the city itself. It was a wreck, people running around yelling something about “the end”. It then hit him, “As you feel the true pain of what is really the end.” He remembered back to his dream, and noted that line in particular.
“It could just be a hallucination...” Revan thought to himself. They walked past an old lady claiming she has foreseen the end and that we should all seek refuge.
“Revan, these guys are nuts, we should get our task over and done with as quickly as possible.” Revan nodded, and they headed to the Czerka corp. Head office.
“Hello there, and welcome to Czerka corp.” The desk attended said. She had long brown hair, and the most beautiful eyes.
Revan faded out for a second, reminded about Bastila so much by this lady, he slipped slightly and held on to the desk.
“Revan, are you okay?” Juhani asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” He replied, “We need information on this Civil War, and how we could help.”
“I see that you’re a Jedi, judging from the lightsaber, how would you like to collect a bounty? This Dark Jedi, is the problem here, and we want him stopped, so we can have peace.”
“How much do we get paid?” Revan asked.
“Let’s say, 50,000 credits.” Revan’s eyes lit up, and he hastily agreed to the deal.
“Pleasure doing business with one as capable as yourself, you’ll probably find him in the old Sandpeople enclave which he is using as his lair, as soon as you exit the city, head left and just keep walking, you can’t miss it. It’s heavily guarded, so be careful. And don’t forget, there’s a war going on, good luck.” Revan gave her a nod and they walked out.
“Well Juhani, let’s go kick some sandpeople butt.” Revan smirked.
“This task is just what you need Revan.” They walked towards the gate which was guarded by a Czerka employee.
“You’re the one who Jana said was going to collect that bounty, right? Go right on through.” The gate opened, they walked through only to see burning ships in the distance, as the loud sounds of explosions and blaster fire echoed throughout the planet.
“Come on Juhani, she said left, so let’s go.” They walked off into the distance, as the heat drove them to the point of dehydration, all they could do was move on, into the sun, one of three.

The walk seemed like an eternity. They finally reached the lair which was covered in dust and looked almost as old as the Jedi themselves.
“Looks like it’s time to end this madness Juhani.” They ignited their lightsabers and cut a hole in the front gate.
“INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT! SHOOT TO KILL!!” the voice of Guardian droids echoed throughout the hall, although they were silenced before they could fire off a single bullet. But that was far from the end. Droids came from the back and sides of the long corridor, although they proved little competition for the Jedi, who didn’t even break a sweat.
“C’mon Juhani, this way.” They ran to the door, which led to a large hall, with three Dark Jedi standing in the centre.
Revan had another vision, this time of the Star Forge, and how he saved Bastila, the pain was intense, he couldn’t take his mind off of it, and he eventually saw a recreation of it in front of him, thinking he truly was on the Star Forge again. He tried to shake off the hallucination and acted as normal as possible.
“Welcome Revan, we’ve been expecting you,” the Dark Jedi’s voice echoed in the large, practically empty hall. It was lined with gold, and statues of ancient beings, who the Sandpeople no doubt worshipped.
“Let’s get this over and done with Revan, as quick as possible.” Juhani whispered to Revan. He nodded, and fried all three with a single bolt of lightning. They fell to the floor, lifeless.
“Fast enough?” they shared a laugh and continued to the next room. They once again encountered a large, seemingly never-ending wave of droids, this time accompanied by a group of Dark Jedi.
“We might have to break a sweat this time around.” Revan said, as they charged into battle. Revan wasted no time in destroying the first wave of droids. While Juhani attacked the Dark Jedi. Revan joined her, and finished off three of the Dark Jedi, although more came barging through the side entrances, as droids spawned alongside some ancient computers. These ones however, were harder to defeat, had more firepower and more resistant armour. The Dark Jedi attacked as Revan parried their attacks, while Juhani struck them from behind. They were no problem, but they couldn’t say the same about the droids. They destroyed many of them as quickly as possible, but they kept coming, tougher and tougher each time.
“Revan, the computers.” Juhani pointed to the computers which the droids came out of, and Revan had another realisation.

See the things around you, awaken your mind, they aren’t a factor in the real world and you can stop them, just believe. You’ve gone through this before, Malak, the droids, Dark Jedi, you’ve done it all, now do it again. It doesn’t change the outcome.

Revan faded in and out of consciousness as he had another hallucination. He did what he remembered from the Star Forge, and shut down the computers. The remaining droids were a breeze. They continued to a final room to find a group of Dark Jedi worshipping something. They turned around, and the Dark Jedi he was told started all of this stepped in front.
“Welcome Revan,” his voice was evil and sadistic, “Isn’t it perfect, pretty much an exact recreation of the Star Forge, I know of everything you’ve gone through, and I know how to stop you. Now, I must be leaving you, I have a war to make more bloody, and a tribe to make more bloodthirsty.” He escaped through a back entrance as he ordered the 3 remaining Dark Jedi to attack. They quickly froze Juhani in a stasis field and attacked Revan. He parried the first ones attack as another went for his feet, he jumped over it and went to decapitate him. He missed and fell backwards, almost to the ground, which would’ve meant certain death. He quickly recovered and stabbed the first Dark Jedi through the heart.
“One down, two to go.” Revan thought to himself. His thoughts were interrupted by a swift swipe which cut his left bicep. He stumbled, but regained his footing.
“My good robe, you’ll pay for that.” Revan ran at them although he was constantly being pushed into a corner. He leapt over them and decapitated one of them to bring to a one-on-one.
“Looks like your time is up.” Revan taunted, as the Dark Jedi ran at him, he lost his footing as he was stunned by the aggressiveness of him, and he took advantage of that. He knocked Revan to the ground, and put his saber at Revan’s neck.
“No Revan, your time is up.” He lifted his saber, and swung down sharply, it surely would’ve won the battle for him, had Revan not remembered, “It doesn’t change the outcome...” He stopped the blade mid way through the lunge with the Force.
“You picked the wrong legendary Jedi to mess with.” Revan stole his saber off of him, although he needn’t have done it, as he fell to the ground, Juhani standing behind him.
“Idiot, he should’ve know that stasis field wouldn’t hold me forever.” She smirked, “So Revan, where do we head now.”
“Sandpeople enclave, I have a war to stop, and a bounty to collect...”

It doesn’t change the outcome...
HJope you enjoyed it, don't forget to comment.

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