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Psychonauts PC Save Game

Hey everyone, I'm new to the community here, but a LONG time fan of psychonauts. It's usually the first game I install when I reinstall windows. Anyways I just bought a new computer and had gotten into playing psychonauts again, after a rather long hiatus (the entire school year GASP!) on the computer I owned directly before this one. I had promised my kid brother that I would give him my old computer and without a second guess I wiped the drive and installed xp (It had been dual booting ubuntu... he can barely turn the thing on.. might as well keep it simple). Unfortunatley away went my save game file. I was all the way up to the asylum, just past the milkman. I want to finish the game again, but unfortunately I just can't get myself to push through the training levels. I start playing but loose my steam 30 minutes in. Does anyone perchance have a save game from around the asylum, preferably as close to the milkman level as possible? I'd much appreciate it!
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