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Originally Posted by stingerhs View Post
i'm still waiting for Sapphire to put out a 4850 with one of their Atomic coolers on it. those things did an incredible job with the 3800 series, and they should do a good job with keeping the 4800 series running cool.
Originally Posted by Negative Sun View Post
Is that the vapor cooled ones aye?
Very interesting. Not having purchased an ATI/AMD product in quite some time I haven't paid much attention to Sapphire and this Vapor Chamber Cooling technology appears to be quite effective. Looks like Sapphire has put out a Toxic version of the HD 4850 (Zalman cooler) but so far no Atomic versions of HD 4800 series GPU's. Also checked Sapphire's forums but no indication that an Atomic 4800 is on its way. Maybe I can wait for another month to see if something comes out but I'm really starting to feel the need for a new graphics card (games, video editing, folding@home) so I don't know if my patience will last that long.

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