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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7 View Post
In the meantime stinger > why dont you and your 8800GTS join our folding team. The 8800GTS does some phenomenal work once CUDA drivers are installed.

actually, its a Radeon 2900 Pro, if you remember correctly.

and, yes, i'm planning on joining the LF team. right now, though, i'm currently undergoing a maintenance cycle (driver updates, HD defrag, antivirus upgrade, etc), so its probably going to be a couple of days before i get everything going. if its any consolation, i've downloaded the installation files already.

@ Char Ell - i would be surprised if Sapphire didn't come up with an Atomic product for the 4800 series, but that's not to say that a lack of one wouldn't catch me off guard, neither.

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