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Originally Posted by Litofsky View Post
Kavar's is a fun place, to be sure, but not when we use it to bash another person. That's for Ahto.

Either way, respecting the other person is a great way to start, and we should all try and see the argument from the other person's side.

Good thread, Jon. Maybe this is the start to forum-wide understanding?

...Or not.
What about those that absolutely refuse to see things your way? I try to respect others' opinions, but when they dump sand into the gears of a reasonable argument... not creating a better one... they should know they're not helping; they're just in the way.

I try not to be biassed, but if someone injects an opinion that is backed by lies or biassed beliefs themselves... I certainly don't want them posting it and calling it fact. It just means more effort for those that know what they're talking about. Saying 'yes it is.' or 'no it isn't' should not be construed as an enrichment to an argument.

This may be biassed in itself, but I don't want people to inject something that is not based on anything factual. I don't want people's opinions to be stated more than once, or we are just doing Monty Python's 'argument clinic' routine.
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