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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
I don't like arguments where people just say their opinions w/out reason to back them. I would imagine that most people would also prefer that... but that is in itself not backed by anything.

I already stated my opinion and am explaining why I think that. I frequently encounter verbal arguments on serious topics where people just say something that either is just off the topic or escalates because they won't change their opinion... no matter what. These people will be present and I believe that they should be respectfully dismissed the first time, but if they keep acting, they should be told more directly to stop.
I would point to two things;

a) As I have said before, if someone has made their mind up on non-logical grounds, logic will have no impact on their reasoning.

b) You should just report a post if it is off-topic/flamey and let the mods deal with, better to do that, than post again escalate things, IMHO

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