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Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
I would point to two things;

a) As I have said before, if someone has made their mind up on non-logical grounds, logic will have no impact on their reasoning.

b) You should just report a post if it is off-topic/flamey and let the mods deal with, better to do that, than post again escalate things, IMHO
c) Add the offensive party to your Ignore List.

I havenít really seen where this is much of an issue and when it has came up it has been handled by the Moderators and Administrators both quickly and fairly, IMO. (Excuse me I need to wipe this sudden brownness from my nose). Personally, I believe respect is something that should be earned. I also believe the Administrators and the moderators have earned that respect by volunteering to keep this place up and running and making it a friendly place to spend a little time. By getting involved in flaming altercations we are making their job harder and disrespecting the time they have given. (what is that smell?)

My best advice is to think before you post. If you are mad or upset wait before you decide to post. Chances are the offensive post will be gone before you calm down enough to post your reply.

If anyone is offended by one of my post, please PM, because I assure you all that was never my intention.
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