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Well, it's my fifth chapter, and since I was on a roll, I completed most of the sixth, so you won't have to wait too long. Enjoy
Chapter 5 - Attack on the City

If you have nothing to lose, than you have nothing to fear...

Revan and Juhani made their way through the desert, using the map Revan got during his search for the Star Maps. It was eerily calm for a planet in the middle of a war, although the war was closer to the city walls, still, they encountered no forms of life, besides the odd bantha, until they got to the enclave...

There were lifeless bodies of Sandpeople everywhere along the outside of the enclave, with a few dead bantha. The auto-turrets were inactive and the front entrance was jammed.
“Revan,” Juhani said, “What has happened here?”
“There’s only one thing which could’ve happened, the Dark Jedi.” Revan ignited his lightsaber and carved a hole in the door. As soon as they entered the foul stench of death hung in the air, multiplied by the heat and enclosed rooms of the enclave.
“Smells like two-hundred year old bantha poo-doo.” Revan said, with his robe covering his nose. They made their way around the enclave, a task made much harder with the inactive doors and dead bodies blocking their path.
“This, this is horrible Revan, how could anyone be this heartless?” Juhani was scared, and Revan could sense it, but he kept it to himself, as they carried on through familiar surroundings. The walls were growing mouldy, a dark black mould covering much of the walls, spreading like a cancer. And it did nothing to help the smell. Juhani fell to her knees.
“Revan, I think I’m going to be sick.” Juhani said.
“Just a little longer Juhani, hold on!” Revan said, holding her hand and trying to get her back to her feet. As soon as she stood up, she threw up, which only made the smell worse.
“I’m sorry Revan.” Juhani said.
“Don’t worry about it, there was nothing you could do about it. Come on, let’s keep going.” Revan helped her to her feet, and they continued.

Soon enough, they reached the main chamber, at the back of the enclave. The Dark Jedi had his back to them, and he lifted up a dead body. Revan recognised it immediately, the Sandpeople leader, he had murdered him.
“Welcome Revan...” his voice was cold and heartless, like the depths of Manaan, “ the site of your death.”
“Not by a long shot.” Revan and Juhani went into their combat stance, lightsabers ignited, but the Dark Jedi smirked.
“ATTACK!!” he yelled, as Sith appeared from their camouflaged state and attacked. Revan however, being the legendary Jedi he was, sensed them coming, and avoided their attacks, he weaved masterfully under their attacks, picking them off one by one. They were no Dark Jedi, just a group of soldiers, as Revan obliterated them all.
“Is that all you got?” Revan asked. He turned to face the Dark Jedi only to see him holding Juhani in the air, with his hand firmly around her neck, and his lightsaber pointed towards her heart.
“No Revan, I have much more.” He laughed psychotically as he threatened to kill her, but instead stopped short of her heart. Juhani was crying out of fear now, and after a few moments, she passed out.
“Actually, I’d prefer to see her suffer first.” He swung his saber back, but Revan’s reflexes proved more powerful as he dived forward and blocked his strike.
“You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into Revan!” He screamed, as they locked blades, “I’m more powerful than you could ever imagine!” he swung again, but once again, Revan’s reflexes proved more useful.
“We shall see.” Revan said as he rolled out of the way and swept at his feet. The Dark Jedi leapt backwards, towards the front of the room.
“I’d love to stay and play Revan, but I have business to take care of. Boys, ATTACK!” Another group un-camouflaged themselves, this time they were Dark Jedi.
Another group appeared behind them, but the Dark Jedi stopped them.
“You guys are coming with me, let’s start a riot, within the city walls.” He once again smirked and they were off, leaving Revan to face the Dark Jedi alone. This time there was five of them, but Revan didn’t care, he needed the exercise.
Revan smirked slightly and lunged at the first one who ran at him, he dodged it, but the Dark Jedi behind him had to take the consequences, being stabbed straight through the heart. Revan rolled underneath the other Dark Jedi’s saber, and sliced him straight down the middle of his body. He parried the third ones attack, and pushed him into a wall with the Force, before frying him with a zap of lightning. His anger was growing intense at how he failed to stop the main Dark Jedi, and he delved into ancient Sith techniques. He jumped to the chair of the enclave leader, and use a forbidden Sith technique, sucking the Force itself out of the remaining enemies, to make his own powers more powerful.
“You won’t get away from me so easily next time.” Revan whispered to himself, as Juhani regained consciousness.
“Revan?” her voice was weak, and sounded as soft as a crying kath hound pup.
“Where am I?” she had short term memory loss.
“You’re at the sand people enclave, and were attacked by a Dark Jedi, remember?” Revan asked.
“Oh yeah, it’s starting to come back now.” Revan helped her to her feet, for the third time in a short space of time.
“Come on Juhani, we have to go back to the city, something terrible is going to happen, very shortly. Are you well enough to travel?” Juhani nodded, and they made their way back through the enclave, now being used to the stench, they quickly exited and ran back to the city, seeing explosions in the distance.
“The war must’ve been re-ignited, bad news for us.” Revan said, they kept running until the city entrance was in site when, all of a sudden, there was a loud explosion from the inside of the city, which knocked Revan and Juhani off their feet, as debris crashed around them.
“That couldn’t be good.” Juhani whispered to Revan. They lifted themselves back to their feet and continued on to the city.
The doors didn’t open, and Revan assumed the door opener was dead, so once again he cut a hole in the door. They stepped through to face people running around crying and screaming, and a large fire off in the distance, they ran towards the smoke to find the Czerka corp. Head office blown up with the remains on fire.
“So much for collecting that bounty.” Revan thought to himself.
“Revan, what do we do now?” Juhani asked. Revan stood there, pondering the situation for a few moments, his thoughts interrupted by another explosion, this time the hunters guild, quickly followed by the destruction of the cantina.
“Juhani, take the ship and fly it to a safe place so our only exit off this rock isn’t blown up, I’ll take care of this myself.”
“But Revan.” Juhani protested.
“GO! You’re in no condition to fight, run.” Juhani nodded, and she ran off towards the Spaceport.
“Looks like it’s just you and me you spineless bastard.” Revan thought, heading off in the direction of the destroyed cantina, it wasn’t as easy as it seemed, with Revan having to deal with disillusioned locals and debris from the destroyed buildings. Unlike the Czerka corp. Offices and the hunting guild, the cantina still remained intact, obviously because of less powerful permacrete detonators. Revan sensed that this was a trap, but continued on to the cantina, remaining faithful to the task Kavar and Zez-Kai Ell had given him.

The cantina was closed off, and a large crowd had gathered in front of it. He looked around the crowd and spotted a dark figure just outside the crowd. He walked towards him, and, as the sun shone in his face, he recognised him, it was the Dark Jedi, and he was counting down.
“3, 2, 1, go...” The Droid part store exploded, with a more deafening sound than the others, Revan looked back to the Dark Jedi, but he was gone.
“Son of a...” Revan ran towards the recently destroyed store, but was cut off by one of the Dark Jedi accompanying the one he was after.
“Nice day for a walk, isn’t it?” He ignited his lightsaber and attacked. Revan tried to dodge, but he underestimated him, expecting him to be as weak as the ones he faced before. He was proven wrong, his left bicep was cut fairly deeply, but before Revan could react there was already another attack coming his way, Revan dodged, this time succeeding, and had a swipe at him which was blocked easily. Revan was caught off-guard, and was tripped to his back. He managed to fight his way back to his feet, but only just. Revan was sweating a lot, and was bleeding profusely from his left bicep.
“The next Dark Jedi are more powerful than me, but I doubt you’ll ever get a chance to witness that. You’re not as tough as they say you are Revan.” He lunged at Revan, but this time it was him doing the underestimating, with Revan sidestepping his attack with ease and stabbing him straight through the chest.
“Looks like you’ve been cut from you’re team.” Revan continued towards the store, little did he know he was being watched from the rooftops, by the Dark Jedi leader himself. He jumped down from his hiding spot and landed right behind Revan. He grabbed him around the neck, and started whispering into his ear.
“Hello again,” He said. “In precisely half a minute, the sandpeople will be barging straight through that door, and everyone will assume it was them, and this city shall tear itself apart, enjoy.” He laughed and leapt away, back to the rooftops. Revan tried to follow where he headed, but wasn’t quick enough.
Ten seconds...
Revan had to think up quick his next plan of attack.
Five seconds...
Time ticked by slowly, and Revan failed to think up anything.
Four, three, two...
“Ah stuff it, I’ll take it as it comes.” he thought.
They were right on time, the sandpeople attacked, the war had just escalated, and Revan was caught in the middle of all of it...
Next chapter out soon.

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