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Well, I told you you wouldn't have to wait very long
Chapter 6 - End of the line

War is inevitable, but you can make a difference, if you try...

The sandpeople quickly set fire to the part of the city, as the inhabitants got ready for battle, people ran towards them with their blaster rifles and vibroswords, and part of the Tatooine army quickly came to help them out. The war had really begun, and only Revan could put an end to it.

“That Dark Jedi, I kill him, and maybe it will end this madness.” Revan moved out of the way of the Sandpeople, and ran into an alleyway. No-one saw him, except another Dark Jedi.

“You beat one, but you’ll never beat me.” He told Revan.

“I highly doubt that.” Revan said in reply. He flipped towards him but ended up face first in the dirt, as his attack was sidestepped, and then he was pushed to the ground. Revan felt the air grow cold around him, any blow now would prove to be fatal. Revan rolled onto his back and flicked dirt into his attacker’s eyes, a dirty tactic, but a necessary one, if he was going to survive. Revan leapt to his feet and decapitated his enemy.

“I thought the first guy said that the next person will be more powerful?” Revan shrugged, and walked through the alleyway. He could hear the sounds of blaster fire and grenade explosions, he tried to let it not get to him, but it brought back memories of his attack on the Star Forge. His head started to hurt, as the memories flooded back, first of the war, and then of Bastila, he collapsed to his knees as he thought about her smile, and how he’d never see it again.
He got back to his feet, and continued through the alleyway, and through the pain, until he reached a dead end, where he jumped over the wall, and fell into a ditch, he followed the long, winding ditch into a forgotten part of the city, the slums. It was a cold, barren place, full of homeless people. The place was overgrowing with vines, the buildings rotten and falling apart, it was a cesspool. The perfect place for a Sith to hide in. Revan continued throughout the slums. There was a dark energy there, and it grew stronger the deeper Revan went. It was evil, like Malachor. Revan’s head stung again as memories of that fateful day on Malachor flooded back to his head. The Academy, had he not have found it, the galaxy would be under Sith rule right now. But it was the dark energies that hurt him inside, he was reliving past events again, on a different planet, ending a war, in n evil place, it was hard for him, but he continued on, following the direction of the dark energy, growing more and more intense as he moved further into the slums, and the pain he felt growing more intense too...
Revan eventually reached the centre of the slums, a giant pyramid-like stairway. Revan sprinted to the top of the pyramid, only to see that there’s nothing there, just a large, flat space. There was something that caught his eyes however. Someone meditating in the middle.

“Do you want some spare change?” Revan asked, assuming it was another homeless person.

“No Revan, I want your blood!” he screamed, and at that instant, Revan knew it was the last of the Dark Jedi who have been attacking him. He stood up, and ignited his blood red lightsaber, a notrast to Revan’s cyan-blue lightsaber. He turned to face Revan. He was obviously not a man, but of a race Revan had never seen before. He had horns like a Trandoshan, dark-blue skin like a Twi’lek, and had a giant scar from just above his right eye, down to his chin.

“What the hell are you?” Revan asked in disbelief.

“I am the dark in which all light dies.” He pushed Revan with the Force to edge of the pyramid, “And I am the dark in which you die!” Revan got to his feet and ran towards him, only for him to sidestep Revan’s attack and for Revan to end up at the other side of the pyramid, hanging off the edge.

“You cannot defeat me Revan, there will be no need for my master to waste his time with the likes of you.” Revan once again scrambled to his feet, and tried his hand at the Force. He tried to fry him with lightning, but he simply absorbed it, and threw it back at Revan, and for the third time, Revan found himself face down in the ground.
“I fail to see how the others did not defeat you.” Revan was growing anger, and the Dark Side stirred within him. He could feel his strength increasing with every blow he took.

“Come on.” Revan mocked him, “Hit me again.” The Dark Jedi again knocked him off his feet. It was growing inside. Revan smirked. “You have no idea what you have just gotten yourself into.” Revan unleashed a wave of the Force and for the first time he knocked over the Dark Jedi.

“Finally Revan, you show something of whatever it was that made you legendary in the first place.” He stood up, “But I’m just getting warmed up.” He lunged at Revan with Revan parrying, locking blades, the red and blue of the two sabers igniting sparks which flew in each other’s eyes. Revan elbowed him in the stomach and flung him to the other side. But he remained upright. Revan’s eyes grew a dark red, as the power inside of him grew darker, it consumed him. He drew on this power and tried to drain the Dark Jedi’s life, but he was immune to it. Revan needed more power.

“That’s it Revan, use it to your advantage, even if it will do you know good in the real world.” Revan hesitated.

“Real world?” Revan thought to himself, but it didn’t matter, he focused his energy into trying to increase his power, he threw himself towards the Dark Jedi, with his attack being blocked, and countered by a swipe to his feet, Revan jumped over the swipe and parried an attack at his neck, throwing in a few jabs with his free arm whenever he could.

“Can you feel it Revan? It grows inside you, and I know whatever I do, it will bring about my end quicker, but it doesn’t matter, you were always going to win. But there is something I forgot to tell you, this was all a diversion, from the real goal.” Revan looked confused.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“It was never about starting a war, it was about destroying a key planet, Dantooine.” He laughed manically, and Revan looked on worried.

“Before I go,” Revan said, “Feel the power of the Dark Side, when wielded by a legendary Jedi.” He drained him of the Force, and sprinted back to civilisation.
“If what he said was true, then that means everyone’s in trouble.” Revan thought, “Even the funeral...”
The main part of the city was finally not under attack, with the Sandpeople being forced to retreat due to the Tatooine army’s involvement. Revan ran to the spaceport, where Juhani was waiting for him.

“Hello there Revan,” she said, “What did you do since I moved the ship?”

“No time,” take me to the ship and take it back to Dantooine, I’ll explain on the way.” Frantically, Juhani and Revan ran to the Ebon Hawk, which was out in the desert, away from the ravages of the war. They entered the ship, and set a course for Dantooine, to save the planet, and Bastila’s funeral.

They exited the Ebon Hawk, with Juhani now enlightened as to what has happened. At the Dantooine spaceport, which is conveniently right next to the rebuilt Jedi enclave. They were greeted by Kavar, who had heard of their return.

“Thank the Force you’re back Revan.” His voice and eyes were full of despair, and fear, the two things Revan’s never seen in Kavar. “The old Sandral and Matale estates have been blown up, and no-one has found out anything about who the perpetrator is.” Revan stood there thinking for a while.

“There’s still two days until Bastila’s funeral, and I have no plans on cancelling, we have to find out who did it. And I think I know who it.” Kavar leaned forward eagerly. “The Dark Jedi you sent me to Tatooine to stop, he escaped, I’ll fill you in on the details in the meeting room.” They walked to the meeting room, where Revan explained it for a second time to Kavar, Zez-Kai Ell, and anyone else who was standing in the meeting room at that time.

“We have to put the inhabited part of the planet in lockdown, so we can put an end to this threat.” Revan said, and everyone else agreed, and they spent a couple of hours figuring out how they were going to do it...

“None of this is real Revan, wake up and see the truth, about Bastila, about you, about everything you see around you. Is it dream? Or is it reality?”

Revan woke up in the morning sweating like a Kath Hound on a spit, it was one day until the funeral, hopefully they get their man, so they don’t cancel.
Revan got out of his bed, got changed and walked to the meeting room, where Zez-Kai Ell was waiting for him.

“Revan, a couple of our scouts have reported strong, dark energies a little further north of the destroyed Matale estate, and we believe this to be the place where the Dark Jedi is hiding. Now the energies there were strong, so strong in fact, that you are the only one powerful enough to stop him.”

“I planned on going myself, to put an end to this menace once and for all, I shall leave immediately.” Zez-Kai Ell shook hands, and Revan left, heading towards the Matale estate.
Along the way, Revan passed the Sandral estate, which was now just half a building, with the top being just charred remains, and debris still burning around it. He continued on to the Matale estate, which was just a little further down.
The Matale estate, if it can be called an estate anymore, was just burning rocks on the ground, with most of the building in giant chunks up to 100 metres away.

“What an eyesore.” Revan thought to himself. He continued in a northerly direction, with the dark side energies growing stronger. Once again, pain and memories flooded back, but this time he was prepared, and kept his mind focused on the task at hand. There’ll be enough time for reminiscing at tomorrow’s funeral.
Revan finally reached the small hut where the dark side energies flowed from, he went inside to find a body lying lifelessly in the middle. He walked over to the body, and he recognised it as the Dark Jedi he was searching for, albeit still breathing, probably just sleeping. Revan ignited his lightsaber and stabbed him through the heart, ending his long task, the funeral now safe.

“You can finally rest in peace Bastila.” Revan thought, and he walked back to the enclave, taking his time. “I’ll miss you.” He spent the walk back reminiscing, of what could’ve been, of what would’ve been, of what should’ve been. Tears rolled down his face, for the first time in a while...
Hope you enjoyed it, expect the story to go back to being more melancholic, much like the third chapter.

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