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Originally Posted by Mr_BFA View Post
I'm confused.
Is Revan Dark-sided, or Light-sided? I'm not sure if you've mentioned his alignment before now, though.

Anyways ... It was a good chapter. I liked the occasional cliche slang lines that popped up here and there. It made the story all the more enjoyable to read in my opinion.

Nice work, Bini. Keep it going.

EDIT: Didn't see the six chap, lol.
"I am the dark in which all light dies," ... this ... sounds ... oddly, eerily and undeniably familiar to me. I am not sure where I have heard it from, but I know I have, somewhere ...

Is this the end of the story?
Revan's lightsided, but it'
s supposed to be showing how he's not really the "perfect Jedi" and stuff.
Glad you liked it.
And no, it's not the end of the stroy, there'll still probably be a fair few chapters to go.

Originally Posted by Rev7 View Post
Indeed. That sounds oddly familiar to me as well.

Other than that, those were some solid chapters.
Thank you.
And that line sounds very familiar to me to, I've heard it somewhere before, but can't put my finger on it, I just decided to use it cos it sounds cool

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