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New addition to the rules.

In light of many recent events and an overall sense of dissatisfaction, I would like to remind all of our Members to think over their manner of disagreement in the future, starting presently. I would also like to remind you that we consider our little community to be like one large family.

Now, ultimately all family stick together because of a special bond they all share. However, that's not to say disagreement and conflict doesn't happen, but it's up to us to remember to be civil because we all have to see each other at some point.
You're free to disagree and share your opinion with anyone at any point, however it would be more advisable (and enjoyable for everyone as a whole) to show a bit of courtesy and respect.

If you have any questions on how to handle a situation, feel free to send a Private Message to a (Super)Moderator, or Admin. If you wish to know which Forum Staff members are online you can take a look here.
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