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A Daring Duty: a bounty hunter's tale...

Hello everybody this is my first fanfic so play nice. I will except comments. Please NO criticism or spam.

A Daring Duty

A bounty hunter’s tale…..


“Boom!”, was the sound Tek heard. An argument in a speeder has caused two poor souls to perish in flame. Why was Tek even acknowledging the crash. He was used to that kind of thing…

Tek, a mandolorian bounty hunter was on his way to a meeting with a “Black Sun” deathstick dealer, in the Uscru Entertainment District. Flax, he called himself. Tek had a slight suspicion to this shady character’s identity. The conversation they had shared over his helmet communicator made him feel a bit uneasy. But he needed the high credit bounty Flax had offered.
Tek arrived at the Snapping Septoid, eager to here about his mission. “Tek! Over Here!” Flax’s greeting was kind, but a bit embarrassing. Tek remembered something his father had told him as a boy in training. “First impression’s are everything.” Tek slowly made his way thru the club in the direction the voice had come from, wondering how he had been seen, but could not find Flax himself.

“Tek my boy! Have a seat.” A surprising look was on both there faces. Flax was surprised how small Tek was. Tek was surprised how big Flax was. A sigh of relief came over the bounty hunter as he saw this “Flax person” was not a Jedi ready to capture him. Till this day Tek was still haunted of that horrible night when the Jedi filled his house taking his father away from him and his mother. He suddenly came out of the flashback. “You okay son?” Flax asked. “Fine, I’m Fine” Tek responded. Flax looked to be a tall and pudgy trandoshan. The mandolorian sat down. Flax yelled at a waiter to bring them some jawa juice. They sipped for a few seconds. “Now, let’s get down to business. There is a human, Fin Ulrak, who has information that could ruin our company’s deathstick trade forever. I am in charge of dealing with the bounty hunters such as yourself, who seek out these jobs. Since this particular situation is fairly risky, I put a high price on this scumbag’s head hoping to attract highly skilled bounty hunters, and I do believe that I have found one. “You are correct, Flax” Tek said. “So, when do I start?” “Right now…” replied Flax

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