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“Now.” Thought Tek. “Where should I start looking for Ulrak? I guess police records could be promising.” Arriving at the station he asked the desk attendant where the U files where. She directed him down a long narrow hall leading into a large circular room. “Lets see. Ulraj, Ulrajen, Ulrak. Here we go.” Tek found himself very irritated. The file contain only one small crime. According to the CSF, Fin Ulrak has committed no crime’s other than assaulting an old lady. “Fierfek! I need some sort of lead on this guy.” Tek called Flax on his helmet communicator hoping for some evidence of where Ulrak mite be. “Flax? It’s Tek. Yes I have started looking for him. No, no I haven’t found anything yet. That’s actually why I called. I need to know if he has any close friends, business partners, anything in that sort? He does? Thanks, that’s all I need. Alright, lets pay this neimodian a visit.

“Ding, Dong…” Went the door as Tek stepped through. He walked over to the counter to find a neimodian neatly stacking canned meat. “Are you a friend of Fin Ulrak?” Said Tek. “Why yes, is he okay?” answered the neimodian. “Come with me now.” Tek replied grabbing him by the arm, forcing him out the door and shoving him onto a bench. “Sit down, now! Look, I’m going to make this quick and simple. Your friend, Fin Ulrak, is wanted by the Black Sun. He has information that could ruin there deathstick trade forever, and put all of there dealers in prison. If you happened to know where he is at all, tell me now.” Tek said with force. “If I tell you, it would be betrayal. Not to mention he would kill me” The neimodian replied. “Look. Your life is worth no more than a wamp rat to me. If you don’t answer me right now, I will incinerate you with my flamethrower right here, and leave your carcass for the birds. It’s your choice. Make your decision now.” Tek stated. The neimodian cleared his throat. “Ahem. Now that you put it that way, I mite just know a little something or two. He said. “Spill it!” said Tek. “Okay, Okay! Here’s what I “can” tell you. I know that he spends most of his time in a bar down in the Crimson Corridor. He hang’s out with some street gang. They call themselves the “Raptors” I think.” The petrified neimodian said. “The Raptors? Well, That just makes my job all that more, interesting.” Tek knew of these “Raptors”. A fierce street gang that preyed on the innocent civilians that live in the Crimson Corridor. In fact, the Crimson Corridor itself was a frightening lower level that saw only a few minutes of sunlight a day. It would certainly be fun down there. “Thank you, That all I need to know.” Tek said.

Tek decided it would not be safe to venture down into the Crimson Corridor without a speeder. At the parking lot where he kept his transport he was tapped on his shoulder. “Hey, you want to buy some deathsticks?” said the stranger. “Are you aware of the situation you are in my friend? I should kill you just for ruining my day.” Tek said furiously. “Let him go, bounty hunter.” A Jedi emerged from the shadow. “And just who do you think you are telling me what to do?” Tek said, even madder. “Easy friend. I am Jedi Qui-gon Jinn. I can deal him.” Qui-gon Jinn looked directly into the deathstick dealers eyes. “You don’t want to sell us any deathsticks. You want to go home and sleep.” said the Jedi. Amazingly, the dealer repeated exactly what had been said to him, and left. “Leave me alone, Jedi.” Said Tek. “Wait. You seem troubled. Maybe I can help?” Jinn Said. “If you must know, I’m looking for someone, Fin Ulrak. He’s wanted by the Black Sun.” Tek replied. The Jedi closed his eyes and seemed to black out. Once he opened them again he looked at the ground. “Why don’t you try asking his previous employer.” He said. A loud bang made Tek turn around blaster in hand. “ What previous employer…?” When he turned back around, the Jedi was gone. “I hate Jedi.” Tek muttered to himself.

On his way to the Crimson Corridor, Tek wondered if the Jedi, this mysterious Qui-gon Jinn, was right. He called Flax, again. “Flax? Hey, it’s Tek. I had another question. Do you know of any, previous employment, Fin Ulrak mite have had? A scrap metal shop down in the Crimson Corridor? Really? That’s, odd. I talked with his friend and he said he spent most of his time down there in some bar with the Raptors. I guess I’ll check it out. I’ll call you if I get anymore leads.

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