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sp will be tough, since you can't code for it (no source code available) and I don't think there is a way to do it without.

For mp it's certainly feasible, but it'll not be easy:

1st: acquaint yourself with C (since you're an IT student, chances are you'll have to do that anyway, eventually).
2nd: decide whether to start off base JA (a) or OJP (b).
3rd: download the JA SDK (a) or the OJP sources (b).
4th: download and install an MS Vistual Studio express version.
5th: get the sources compiled (this is a bit tricky for (a) since you'll have to do some tweaking of the source code; I'll show you how once you've got your mind settled on that option).
6th: try reading some of the code to get a feeling for it.

Once you're that far, someone might be inclined to delve into the source code to help you get going with your specific mod idea.

EDIT1: Well, you could of course ask the OJP team if they'd wanted to do that themselves for their mod, but I doubt it (they're busy enough as it is).

EDIT2: Just had an idea for sp. Maybe it'll work with some binds / console scripts. I'll try it out.

EDIT3: Yeah, I've managed to compile some binds that'll turn off the saber automatically upon using force grip, but not to turn it on automatically again once you cease gripping. So it goes like this: you start gripping, your saber goes off; you finish gripping, your saber does NOT go on automatically, but you'll have to activate it manually. That ok with you? (If not, better say so right away lest I waste my time any further).
There's only one more problem: the annoying hilt spinning that is performed upon saber de/activation is very inconvenient in this context. Luckily, I have an animation mod prepared that removes this spinning.
I'll get a package ready this weekend so you can try it out. If it suits your taste, I'll extend it to include the other force powers as well.

EDIT4: I forgot to ask - which game do you want it for, jk2 or jk3?

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