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Originally Posted by DarthVandar205 View Post
Yeah I did, it had trouble extracting the files. I beleive I was able to extract them but when I replaced the ones in the KOTOR 2 folder with the new ones the program still wouldnt load the game when I got to the start up menu. I still was told the program needed to close and that my specs still werent up to date. Since I had the trouble extracting the files im wondering if I extracted them all sucessfully or if they were recognized by the game. There was some kind of .ini file and a readme. I also got that new version of the msg32.dll (or whatever its called) file and that didnt work either.

For the Vista fix, there should have only been 1 file in the zip file, which was the .dll file. The one with the ini? I have no idea what that's about.

Are you running any mods, or have you modified the executable file or the .ini at all? Sometimes people may have trouble when they patch the game to make it run in widescreen. I had that problem at one stage.

KoToR 2 on my computer also tells me that my graphics card doesn't meet the minimum requirements. This is the for the poster above you as well. I'm running a HD3870, so it's more than capable of running the game. I don't know much about that at this point, but I'm currently in contact with ATI trying to fix the problem.

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