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Originally Posted by Scars Unseen
Star Wars Galaxies is also a RPG(sort of). It has space combat.
You can do a very good SPRPG or a very good space simulation but not both. Not even EA has the resources to do it.

Originally Posted by SW01
It would be better if they actually added more planets to the game. I for one would like to see a KotOR game with the story depth and length of Final Fantasy - it gets boring when you can easily enough complete it within a couple of days...
I rather see different planets with good stories.

Originally Posted by Corinthian
1: Take it out of Obsidian's hands, at least until Obsidian makes a game that actually has a satisfactory ending without a sequel or expansion pack.

2: Improve Blasters.

3: Either make the turret minigame fun, or remove it. Right now, it's just irritating. TSL was a great improvement in this regard.

4: Quit wanking to Revan. TSL was ludicrous in this regard. The Heart of the Force? Come on. Why don't you make him a little bit more of a Mary-Sue?

5: If you want a plot twist, make it a good one. Kreia is EVIL is not a good plot twist, that was obvious after about the third time she opened her mouth.

6: Stop revisiting planets we've already been to before. There are more than twenty planets in Star Wars.
1) There was nothing wrong with the ending of TSL. My only problem with the game was no party characters on Malachor V except Mira. The entire TSL story is very similar to Planscape: Torment.

2) Agreed

3) You can skip the mini-games in TSL

4) Agreed

5) TSL was about a lot of small plot twists instead of the OMG plot twist.

6) Agreed

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