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Originally Posted by Gabez View Post
I definitely agree with what you said about religion... I recently read (to go back to topic) Arthur C. Clarke's "Songs of Distant Earth" (also an album, thanks Remi!) I loved it, but there was an anti-religious strand that bothered me. Religion was portrayed as the bane of humanity, and life without it was practically a Utopia. Bollocks to that!
People seem to attribute all the atrocities of the past solely on religion which is rather myopic. Attrocities were committed because corrupt people craved power and they used religion in order to get it. Had they not had religion, they'd have found something else to use as a scapegoat for their madness. If religion were not around, we'd still have the crazy and the corrupt.

Originally Posted by jp-30
It was the movie that made me pick up the His Dark Materials books. As gabez says, it did very well outside the USA. I thought the movie was great, didn't think Lyra's actress was wooden at all. And there's no way the cutoff point (which gave the movie a happy ending) was anywhere near the cliffhanger that the book ends on.
It was the first two Harry Potter movies that made me pick up those books, but by no means were they good movies. And yes, Golden Compass did well outside of the US, but they were still critically slated and the public view wasn't much better. I never attribute the quality of a film by how well it does at the box office, if anything I attribute the films marketting to that.

And it's not that fact that the movie had a cliff hanger, but simply that it didn't earn it. But again, these are just opinions.

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