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I hate bumping old topics but I have no choice. OK here's the deal, brand new PC originally running Vista 32bit, on which KotOR II ran perfectly with the Vista Mss32.dll patch file, but for various reasons I upgraded to Vista 64bit. Now KotOR II fails to run no matter what I do. I've tried multiple intalls, various different Mss32 files, running in compatibility mode, you name it I've probably tried it. Does anyone have a suggestion that I might have missed somewhere? Or is KotOR II dead to me unless I downgrade?

Oh and for the record, Windows Vista is single handedly the worst OS I have ever worked with in my life. And also unrelated to this problem I just thought I'd mention that my graphics card doesn't work properly because of Vista and nVidia's incompetence. Thinking of buying a new PC? Don't install Vista whatever you do.

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