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Fate of Atlantis : IQ points guide

Hello everyone,

This is an IQ points guide I made a while ago. I tried to send it to ThunderPeel so he could upload it, but he hasn't replied yet, so I'll just post the file here instead.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

IQ points guide
by Cyril "Ducklord" Saugère (

Special thanks to Ma5terViking for his very helpful YouTube videos.

Lines that start with "E-" indicate Easy points. You will always have these points provided you've made it to the ending at least once.
Lines that start with "M-" indicate Medium points. You may have missed some of these points even if you've made it to the ending, but not if you've completed all three paths (Wits, Team, and Fists).
Lines that start with "H-" indicate Hard points. You may have missed some of these points even if you've made it to the ending and completed all three paths.

For those who want to know, I believe the maximum score you can get in one playthrough is 634 points. Deal with Biff then solve the crate puzzle in New York, get every point that can be earned from the Barnett College, and pick the Wits path. Be sure to get the fez, but don't give it to Paul. Also remember to bribe at least one guard in the desert, use the ship rib on the crumbling wall in the dig site, eat the sandwich in front of the guard in the submarine, rescue Sophia and get rid of Nur-Ab-Sal, and you should get 634 points.

Prologue (100 points)

E-Completing the playable intro (even if you skip it) : 2 points.
H-(New York) Getting past the crates and climbing the ladder : 6 points.
H-(New York) Talking Biff into letting you enter : 6 points.
H-(New York) Beating Biff in a fistfight : 6 points.
E-(New York) Convincing the stagehand to go read the newspaper : 5 points.
E-(New York) Activating the fake ghost : 4 points.
E-(New York) Completing the scene in Sophia's office (even if you skip it) : 3 points.
E-(Iceland) Getting Heimdall to tell you about Sternhart and Costa : 3 points.
E-(Tikal) Getting rid of the snake : 6 points.
E-(Tikal) Using the tree to get past the chasm : 2 points.
E-(Tikal) Telling Sternhart the name of the Lost Dialogue of Plato : 7 points.
E-(Tikal) Taking Sternhart's lamp : 4 points.
E-(Tikal) Taking the spiral in the temple : 5 points.
E-(Tikal) Opening the tomb : 4 points.
E-(Iceland) Taking Heimdall's eel : 5 points.
E-(The Azores) Convincing Costa to deal with Indy : 3 points.
E-(The Azores) Getting Costa to tell you about the location of the Lost Dialogue of Plato : 5 points.
H-(Barnett College) Using the chewing-gum on the coal chute : 4 points.
H-(Barnett College) Throwing a lump of coal at the overhanging book : 4 points.
H-(Barnett College) Opening the bookshelf : 4 points.
H-(Barnett College) Pulling the totem below the hole : 4 points.
H-(Barnett College) Opening the old dusty chest : 4 points.
E-(Barnett College) Picking a path (Wits, Team, or Fists) : 4 points.

All paths (54 points)

E-(Dig site) Turning the generator on : 6 points.
M-(Dig site) Using the ship rib on the crumbling wall : 4 points.
E-(Knossos) Opening the entrance to the maze : 9 points.
E-(Knossos maze) Getting the third stone head with the whip : 6 points.
E-(Knossos maze) Going down the elevator with the minotaur head : 5 points.
E-(Knossos maze) Climbing up the waterfall : 5 points.
E-(Knossos maze) Opening the gate with the three stone heads : 3 points.
E-(Knossos maze) Activating the "second elevator" with Sternhart's staff : 6 points.
E-(Knossos maze) Opening a door in the "Map Room" with the three stone discs : 10 points.

Wits and Fists (28 points)

M-(Monte Carlo) Getting Trottier to give you his card : 3 points.
M-(Monte Carlo) Giving Trottier's card to Paul : 3 points.
M-(Algiers) Fiding Omar's house when Paul has the fez : 5 points.
M-(Dig site) Entering the site : 10 points.
M-(Dig site) Pushing the stone disc on the painting : 5 points.
M-(Thera) Arrival at Thera : 2 points.

Wits and Team (6 points)

M-(Desert site) Using the car after repairing it : 6 points.

Team and Fists (17 points)

M-(Desert site) Opening the secret door : 7 points.
M-(Knossos) Getting the Moonstone : 10 points.

Wits path only (168 points)

H-(Algiers) Getting the fez : 5 points.
H-(Algiers) Convincing Paul to wear the fez : 2 points.
H-(Algiers) Finding Omar's house when Paul doesn't have the fez : 10 points.
M-(Algiers) Trapping Omar in the closet : 8 points.
H-(Desert) Bribing one of the patrolling guards (this can be done with the fez, with Omar's statue, or with the black bird) : 4 points.
M-(Dig site) Repairing the car : 7 points.
M-(Monte Carlo) Causing the car crash : 8 points.
M-(Monte Carlo) Getting the Sunstone : 10 points.
M-(Thera) Picking up the net : 1 point.
M-(Thera) Making the sign appear by using the Sunstone : 10 points.
M-(Thera) Getting out of the cave : 6 points.
M-(Thera) Picking up the balloon : 4 points.
M-(Thera) Picking up the basket : 4 points.
M-(Thera) Making the "full" balloon (hose not required) : 8 points.
M-(Thera) Getting away with the balloon : 10 points.
M-(Near Thera) Landing on the submarine : 10 points.
H-(The submarine) Giving the sandwich to the guard : 2 points.
H-(The submarine) Eating the sandwich in front of the guard (if it doesn't work, get closer to the guard and try again) : 4 points.
M-(The submarine) Triggering the fire : 8 points.
M-(The submarine) Escaping from the submarine : 9 points.
M-(Knossos maze) Charging the comb up : 10 points.
M-(Knossos maze) Activating the microtaur : 8 points.
M-(Knossos maze) "Detecting" the "special" wall : 9 points.
M-(Knossos maze) Using the ship rib or the shovel on the wall : 4 points.
M-(Knossos maze) Activating the Atlantean subway : 7 points.

Team path only (170 points)

M-(Monte Carlo) Convincing Trottier to go meet Sophia : 9 points.
H-(Monte Carlo) Passing Trottier's test : 8 points.
M-(Algiers) Getting the mask : 2 points.
H-(Monte Carlo) Scaring Trottier away : 12 points.
M-(Algiers) Convincing Omar to lend you his map : 3 points.
M-(Algiers) Getting the knife : 9 points.
M-(Algiers) Getting the roasted bird : 7 points.
M-(Algiers) Giving the roasted bird to the beggar : 7 points.
M-(Algiers) Cutting the rope with the knife : 8 points.
M-(Desert) Landing on the red "X" : 13 points.
M-(Knossos maze) Going down the elevator with Sophia : 3 points.
M-(Knossos maze) Convincing Sophia to climb into the hole : 7 points.
M-(Knossos maze) Convincing Sophia to put her necklace in the box : 10 points.
M-(Knossos maze) "Detecting" the "special" wall : 10 points.
M-(Knossos maze) Using the ship rib the wall : 7 points.
M-(Knossos maze) Using the ship rib on the crumbling rocks (in the room where Kerner steals your stone discs) : 5 points.
H-(The submarine) Skipping or escaping the fight with the captain : 1 point.
H-(The submarine) Beating the captain in a fistfight : 3 points.
M-(The submarine) Sending the boatmen away from the bridge with the radio : 3 points.
M-(The submarine) Getting rid of Sophia's guard : 6 points.
M-(The submarine) Repairing the lever : 8 points.
M-(The submarine) Getting the stone discs back : 9 points.
M-(The submarine) Unlocking the rudder : 5 points.
M-(The submarine) Leading the submarine into the entrance : 15 points.

Fists path only (157 points)

H-(Algiers) Knocking Horst out by using the whip on the vase : 8 points.
H-(Algiers) Beating Horst in a fistfight : 4 points.
H-(Desert) Beating one of the patrolling guards in a fistfight : 4 points.
M-(Dig site) Disarming Rolf with the whip : 7 points.
M-(Dig site) Beating Rolf in a fistfight : 7 points.
M-(Knossos) Arrival at Knossos : 4 points.
M-(Knossos) Beating Klaus in a fistfight : 4 points.
M-(Knossos maze) "Pushing" the blocked door until it "opens" : 1 point.
M-(Knossos maze) Using the whip to cross the chasm : 5 points.
H-(Knossos maze) Crushing Hans with the stone slab : 10 points.
H-(Knossos maze) Beating Hans in a fistfight (even if if you "weaken" him by telling him you're a tourist) : 6 points.
M-(Knossos maze) Beating Franz in a fistfight (even if you weaken him) : 5 points.
H-(Knossos maze) Beating Otto in a fistfight (even if you weaken him) : 4 points.
H-(Knossos maze) Beating Karl in a fistfight : 3 points.
H-(Knossos maze) Beating Kurt in a fistfight (even if you weaken him) : 3 points.
H-(Knossos maze) Killing Anton with the stalactite : 9 points.
H-(Knossos maze) Beating Anton in a fistfight : 7 points.
H-(Knossos maze) Crushing Arnold with the boulder : 9 points.
H-(Knossos maze) Beating Arnold in a fistfight : 10 points.
M-(Knossos maze) Looting Arnold : 3 points.
M-(Knossos maze) Locating Sophia with the amber fish : 10 points.
M-(Knossos maze) Rescuing Sophia : 6 points.
M-(Thera) Heading anywhere with the boat (the coordinates don't matter) : 3 points.
M-(The boat) Fixing the captain's diving suit : 5 points.
M-(The boat) Diving for Atlantis (this time, you have to be at the right coordinates) : 10 points.
M-(Underwater) Finding the right entrance : 10 points.

Atlantis (300 points)

E-Using the ladder on the rubble : 7 points.
E-Taking the Atlantean torch : 7 points.
E-Activating the torch : 3 points.
E-Opening the statue's mouth with the three stone discs : 10 points.
E-Opening the door : 5 points.
H-Beating the soldier who patrols the northwestern quadrant in a fistfight : 5 points.
H-Beating the soldier who patrols the northeastern quadrant in a fistfight : 5 points.
H-Beating the soldier who patrols the southwestern quadrant in a fistfight : 5 points.
H-Beating the soldier who patrols the southeastern quadrant in a fistfight : 5 points.
E-Taking the bronze gear : 8 points.
E-Taking the stone cup : 7 points.
E-Taking the bronze wheel : 10 points.
E-Taking the fish head : 8 points.
E-Filling the stone cup with lava : 9 points.
E-Using the bronze wheel to fix the orichalcum-making machine : 8 points.
E-Pouring lava into the orichalcum-making machine after fixing it : 10 points.
E-Putting an orichalcum bead into the eel in the sentinel room, causing the water to evaporate : 10 points.
E-Opening the doors in the sentinel room : 6 points.
E-Baiting the ribcage : 7 points.
E-Catching a crab : 9 points.
H-Crushing Fritz (Sophia's jailor) with the sentinel statue : 7 points.
H-Activating the sentinel statue after beating Fritz in a fistfight : 7 points.
E-Taking a piece of the sentinel statue : 6 points.
E-Giving the crab to the octopus : 10 points.
E-Activating the "crab-boat" : 7 points.
E-Opening a gate : 7 points.
E-Taking the crescent-shaped item : 6 points.
E-"Opening" (destroying) the door to Inner Atlantis : 14 points.
E-Taking the hinge : 5 points.
H-Freeing Sophia : 9 points.
E-Taking the scepter : 5 points.
H-Getting rid of Nur-Ab-Sal (throwing Sophia's necklace into the lava) : 10 points.
E-Activating the excavator : 7 points.
E-Making a hole in the wall with the excavator : 7 points.
E-Solving the door puzzle (making it to the lava puzzle) : 8 points.
E-Solving the lava puzzle : 6 points.
E-Activating the colossus : 10 points.
E-Making it to the ending scene (whether Sophia is with you or not doesn't matter) : 25 points.

So, as you've noticed, in order to get all 1000 points, you will have to beat Hans, Arnold and Fritz. This can seem very difficult at first, so here are a few tips :

-Firstly, fight with the numpad. You'll be a lot more accurate than if you were fighting with the mouse.

-Don't bother with mid hits and low hits. Just use high hits. You only really need five numpad keys : 7, 8, 9, 5, and 2.

-If you're running the game under DosBox, you can use DosBox's keymapper to remap your keyboard. This can allow you to, say, put the 5 and 2 keys on the left half of your keyboard. That way you'll be able to fight with both hands and you won't even have to move your fingers around. With a bit of practice, it can make things much easier.

-You've probably noticed that each guard uses a different fighting strategy. Some guards are much faster than others, some are stronger, some use backsteps more often... After fighting a guard a lot of times, you will be able to predict some of his moves. However, you still won't be able to predict all of them... unless you save a few seconds before the fight begins (while the characters are still talking). Every time you face a guard, his action pattern is somewhat randomized; however, if you save a few seconds before the start of the fight, the game will save the guard's current action pattern. This means you will eventually be able to predict all of your opponent's moves, and adjust your strategy accordingly. Here's an example : you save the game just before the fight with Hans starts. When the fight starts, you move toward Hans and successfully hit his head. However, Hans also manages to land a direct hit on Indy's head. Now you wait until you lose the fight. Then you reload and hit Hans's head again, but this time you immediately use the high-block key (8 on the numpad). Congratulations, you've successfully predicted and blocked Hans's high punch. Using this trick really helps a lot in some fights, especially the one against Fritz (who's meant to be nearly unbeatable if you don't know how to predict his moves).

-A lot of the guards in the game are more likely to attempt a hit right after they've failed to block one of your punches (which leads to situations like this : your opponent blocks around three punches, then the fourth hits him directly and he attempts a hit immediately after that).

-When you and your opponent hit almost at the same time, chances are one of the hits will be cancelled. Sometimes it will be yours (that's VERY bad, since it means your opponent will also land a direct hit on you), and sometimes it will be your opponent's (that's good, especially when fighting Arnold).

-Hans is tough. He hits hard and fast, and has a pretty big amount of health. Fortunately, there's one thing you can do to make the fight easier. The first time he sees you, you'll be able to tell him you're a tourist. Do so, this will weaken his stats and make him easier to beat. If you don't weaken him, you'll just have to be fast and block or dodge as many of his punches as you can. When Hans step backs, don't follow him. Instead, wait until he gets close enough to you, then hit. This will give you a higher probability of successfully hitting him, and it will also give your power bar some time to refill.

-Arnold hits extremely hard : two direct hits from him and you're down. This means that you'll have to do your best to block or dodge all of his punches. He also has a very big health bar, and will never step back. Fortunately, he has a few weaknesses. First, he's very slow. You will sometimes be able to hit him around a dozen times before he retaliates (especially if one or more of his hits is cancelled). Even if he's blocking some of your punches, you'll still be doing a significant amount of damage. Second, he will sometimes "hesitate" after attempting a hit. That means that you will sometimes be able to step back (dodging a hit in the process), and quickly step forward and hit him (before he has the time to step towards you). This technique can be very useful, as it means you will be able to step back more than 3 times. Third, because he hits slowly, chances are your power bar will have the time to refill when you block two of his hits in a row. However, you will have to remember that you will still be taking a pretty big amount of damage when you block one of Arnold's hits. You can block 5 of Arnold's punches. After that, any other hit will kill you (unless the hit is "cancelled").

-Fritz is very, very tough. You might want to take a pen and a piece of paper for this fight, as you will need to memorize a lot of moves. Fritz does not hit as hard as Arnold or even Hans, but he hits very fast (his hits are almost impossible to block if you don't predict them). In addition to this, he has a very big health bar and doesn't step back all that often. Note that in theory, you can use 3 backsteps for this fight. However, Fritz will sometimes step forward twice at the start of the fight before you can do anything, thus leaving you with only 2 backsteps. If that happens, you might want to reload an earlier savegame, re-enter the jail room, and try again. Usually, you will want to hit Fritz only when your power bar is full (or almost full). There is one exception to this, you may sometimes be able to confuse him by hitting when your power bar is only half-full. This can make him waste time (he'll sometimes try to block your hit, thus allowing you to hit him several times), or this can make him step back (which means your power bar will be given extra time to refill). Note that you should never, ever attempt to pursue Fritz if he does step back. Just wait until he steps forward before doing anything, or you'll most likely get hit directly. As with Arnold, you'll have to do your best to block or dodge every single punch. Fritz will attempt a lot of hits during the fight, and even if you manage to block and dodge them all, your health bar will most likely be extremely low when Fritz finally falls. Because Fritz hits so fast, it takes around 3-4 hits from him (or 1-2 hits and one backstep) before your power bar is full again. You can block 19 punches before going down. You will probably need to spend quite a few hours on this fight before you get it right. Good luck, and don't lose hope!

...Oh, and if you're wondering why I didn't mention Anton, it's simply because he's pretty slow (his punches are easy to block or dodge) and you get a lot of backsteps for this fight, so he isn't nearly as dangerous as he may seem. You really don't need to predict his moves to beat him, and with a bit of practice any player should be able to beat him with ease.

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