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help with kotor 1

so yea i just bought a new gateway dx4200-ub001a computer with windows vista 64 bit. 6 gb memory an ati radeon 3450 hd video card with all the new catalyst drivers.
the new drivers fixed the lag i was having on dantooine.
but now i am on the become a jedi quest and when i go thru to the grove where you find juhani and my game crashes on the loading screen about half way thru.
ive tried all the graphics configs i can think of and it still happens!
i have tried this about 30 times now....and it still wont work.
as far as mods i have......
10 male heads pack.
all party is jedi pack.
realistic lightsabers pack.
multi kill and multi plague.
jolee is yoda.

and thats about it.....
is there anyone AT ALL that can help me!?!?
this game is tight as hell lol.
all i wanna do is play it with some extra stuff.....ya know?

i also have tried taking off all the mods but then it screws up my save game.......because of the male heads.....
but i wouldnt think that an extra head added in the game would make it crash like that......

someone please help! =]
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