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Glad you liked it!

Du Man, my dream is to make a project where i have a whole bunch of people Cosplaying Grimfandango, a full band with acoustic base, skeleton couples dancing tango in the background.
(imagine a pianist wearing a perfect Glottis costume ^__^ )

I want to make a movie that is so good that it touches people who havent even heard of the game
Maybe if those "Lost Souls" see my completed movie they might consider bying the game.
It might sound crazy, but i think that quality Fan-material like the Grim Fandango novel (or the movie i dream of making) in the end could make more people look into Grim Fandango, and maybe make LucasArts (or Double Fine Products) consider working on a sequel for Grim Fandango.

If anyone here is from Sweden and wants to help me with costumes etc.
(or dance tango in the background in cosplay-costumes)
you can E-mail me at:
(JagJedi, considering your name, i guess you could be Swedish)

(if you are from other countries you could make good looking skelleton heads and send me, you have my word that i will send them back afterwards)
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