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Originally Posted by Negative Sun View Post
Just to drop in here, my favorite PC modding magazine swears by the ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro, at $24.99 it's great value, amazingly quiet and it can keep even a heavily overclocked C2D cool

It's a legend amongst the C2D overclockers!

So it should be more than adequate for a P4, even though they run notoriously hot
Yeah, this thing is looking better and better every time I see it. Wouldn't mind getting one myself as I'm liking the direct touch, copper base and directional fan (up/down/front/back as opposed to 'out' ).

Not exactly 'hardware' but can anyone suggest a nice ceramique based paste? I know the silver based cools a little better.. but ceramique is comparable and won't short my board should any drip.

I usually use Arctic Silver's but if anyone knows of/has better experience with a different compund.. any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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