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I have an eMachines model 5274 (or something close). I'll check what issues on gateway computers K2 has since my brand is actually a branch off of gateway.

Have a vista with XP service pack 2 (I don't know why, probably to keep unrevised microsoft programs from having conniption fits--but whatever).

For what good they might do I have some reports:

Scan hardware reveals red flag on the OS claiming it is not XP, but plays anyway.
Everything else is Green, so it's a go. I got a really great sound system on it for my money. No issues there that I can tell. 2.00GHZ Intel dual core pentium processor.

Caution on video graphics card --I believe that, yes it is an integrated chipset family... PnP genaric intel (yes they make graphics cards too). Meets minimum standrards at least. Has trouble in the undercity of taris--turn off shadows and it will tolerate it--grumpily. With shadows can be a real pain, but it will work with a higher tenedcy of glitch and crash.

Else, It has its few loading glitches and a couple other small things related to that--nothing a good quit and reboot of the program wont fix.
"Running" animations for movement might not trigger sometimes. OTherwise nothing else is wrong.

K2TSL: Before the patch
I tried the 12-15 times opening just to get it to play. NOPE--won't even acknowledge the game after a double click... Just slows for a second and then ignores it.

After I Patched with the latest Vista-fix-patch at it will open, BUUUT after character creation and the opening text crawl cinematic, I get a message that vista has encountered a problem with the program K2:TSL and gives me the option of close and find solution online, or close program simply.

Absolutely refuses to play beyond that point. I'm out of ideas and I believe I have all but exausted options.

Hardware scan Reveals everything is a green for go (strangely, even the OS) and only a caution on the graphics card.

(Shrug) Guess it's really finicky, even on the lowest graphical levels???

In any case, I have exausted all options except disabling sound... but I don't see why I should if my sound system passed with flying colors...

Maybe buy a better graphics card (when I can afford it)...I think my model may even accompany an NVidiaGE 8800... If anyone has any other suggestions, send me a PM.

Hope this helps anyone with similar OS and model.

---in fact, now that I have uninstalled K2, it won't even acknowledge the discs, or it will let me select auto run but nothing happens......Could my disc set be deffective???

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