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Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
You're taking what appears to be an especially personal interest in this, Jae. Why is that?
That's because you have, over the last year or so, accused me of dishonesty, without any proof of such, more often than everyone else combined here. Why are you asking when you already know this? By all means, present your proof here for everyone to see just what you mean by my 'dishonesty', where I intentionally and maliciously intended to deceive you.

Originally Posted by Achilles
I think you're taking my comment further than I intended it to be taken. At what point did I say I was disappointed with the forum?
All right, my mistake. I'm sorry some people, a few people, most people, or even just one person, and/or their/his/her comments disappoint you. I think that disappointment is stemming from your desire for this forum, its participants, and/or comments within it, to be something that was never intended.

The consensus of people who participated in the thread asking if the Senate and Kavar's should be merged clearly indicated that people wanted a friendly place to discuss (not to be confused with formal debate) their thoughts on more serious issues, separate from the more debate-oriented Senate. This forum does not meet your needs as well as the Senate, and likely never will, because the consensus was not to turn it into that type of forum. With your constant emphasis on fallacies and argument structure (and/or the lack thereof), I think you are expecting a particular mode of formal debate that those of us who conceived Kavar's and many of us who participate here, never intended. The staff is not going to change that to accommodate one person when the consensus is obviously otherwise, particularly when another forum is available that already meets your needs in that department. This is a gaming forum filled with teens who do not have the formal education to debate at the graduate debate level you appear to want. Expecting participants here not only to debate, but to do it at your level of proficiency without your years of education and debate experience, is both unrealistic and unfair.

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